Now Is All You Have by John Cali

About 25 years ago, when I first got serious about my spiritual path, I read all the Seth books. If you’re not familiar with Seth, he’s a spirit guide channeled by the late Jane Roberts in Upstate New York. Over the years, Jane and her husband, Rob Butts, produced many wonderful books of Seth’s far-reaching wisdom.

While some of Seth’s teachings went beyond my intellectual grasp, most of them resonated deeply with me.

I came away from reading and re-reading Seth’s books many times over the years with three major concepts. These concepts have powerfully shaped my spiritual path and my life. And also my work with Spirit.

The first concept is you create your own reality. Second, life is supposed to be fun. Third, all your power is in this present moment — all of it, no exceptions.

If you’ve been with us even only a short time, you’ve heard Spirit and me speak at length on the first two concepts. But we’ve not often spoken of the third. Today we will.


The concept of now is sometimes a difficult one for humans to grasp. After all, you’re constantly being urged, even coerced, to learn from the past — to learn “the lessons of history.” And you’re being urged and coerced to plan for the future — a future that, in your modern world, is often made vividly terrifying.

And so you seem to be caught between the proverbial “rock and a hard place.” A most uncomfortable place to be.

There is no real benefit to you in delving into the past, unless it helps you feel better now. There is absolutely no benefit to you in envisioning a dark future filled with all sorts of unknown terrors.

It is fine to look into the past and pick out those parts of it that feel good and joyful to you. But ignore past pain and trauma.

It is fine for you to look into the future and see it shaping up into experiences that feel good and joyful to you. But ignore all the dark dramas the doomsayers would have you adopt as your own.

All of your power, friends, is in the present moment — absolutely all of it! There are no exceptions.

If you’re feeling guilty about your past or worrying about your future, you’re doing it now. You cannot feel guilty or worried unless you’re doing it in this present moment — now.

Neither the past nor the future have any power over you. Only you have power over you. And all that power is now.

What you are thinking now is what creates the now that today you call tomorrow. You create your future by the choices you make and the thoughts you think now. You create your tomorrow with the vibrations you set up today.

If you’re feeling bad today and choosing negative thoughts today, you will create your tomorrow in that same vibration of negativity.

Do you want to create more of what is if what is is not what you want? Or do you want to create what you want?

Then acknowledge and accept all your power is now, in this present moment. If you’re feeling bad today, then reach for thoughts, for experiences that feel better.

The power in that is you are setting up a higher, better-feeling vibration today. And that will translate into, and create, your tomorrow in a higher, more positive vibration.

Friends, all your power is now. And the better it gets, the better it gets, the better it gets.

You have all the power in the Universe at your fingertips — literally. You can create whatever you wish by simply knowing that universal power is concentrated completely in this present moment, in your incredibly powerful and eternal now.

Now is all you have.

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