We Are One by John Cali and Spirit

We are one, after all, you and I. Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other. ~ Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

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Although it’s almost a cliché, the phrase “We are all one,” is more true today than ever before.

In April 1986 CBS newsman Andy Rooney covered the triumphant homecoming concert of legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz. Horowitz left his native Russia 60 years earlier, and this was his first time back. Here is what Rooney reported:I

During the latter part of the concert, watching this eighty-one-year-old genius play, I found mist forming in my eyes for some mysterious reason I could not explain. I was not sad. I was exultant. It had something to do with my pride, at that very moment, in being part of the same civilization that this great and endearing man playing the piano was part of.

Almost at the same moment I felt the suggestion of tears in my eyes, the television camera left Horowitz’s fingers on the keyboard and dissolved to the face of a Soviet citizen in the audience. He did not look like the enemy. His eyes were closed, his head tilted slightly backward so that his face was up…and one lone teardrop ran down his cheek.

It was the same teardrop running down mine.”


Worldwide peace is an achievable goal for your planet. However, it is not achievable in the way most humans are going about it today. To wage war with the goal of creating peace simply does not work. How many centuries have humans been beating their heads against that brick wall?

Whatever you are focusing on is where your vibration is. The focus of those who wage war, or who protest war, is on the same thing—war. And the experiences you create for yourselves always match your predominant vibrations.

To create peace, you must focus on peace. The most effective and powerful way to create peace on earth is to first create peace within yourself.

Then accept the diversity among humans. Allow others their paths. Be at one with yourself. Then peace will reign in your world, though not necessarily in everyone’s world.

You must be at peace within yourself—you must have found peace for yourself—before you will have any peace to give others, before you will ever be able to show others the true path to peace.

You came to this planet to experience diversity, to express your true selves. In that expression you will find joy, and you will realize you have unique gifts and talents which empower you to contribute, share, and to serve your planet.

Only in that true expression of yourselves, not in violence and war, will you create a powerful sense of oneness with all beings, with all that is. You will know you have no enemies, only sisters and brothers.

Adapted from Spirit Oracle Cards by John Cali, Frederic Calendini, and Stephanie Quesada (Great Western Publishing, 2014)


Here’s a powerfully moving video about the oneness of all that is. Thank you, Barbara!

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What does oneness mean to you? How do you express your true self in the world? Don’t be modest! Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.


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13 Responses

  1. Barbara

    You are most welcome for the video. I am glad you enjoyed it, it is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Mikala

    Oneness, to me, means that I AM the tree, or the earth, or the animal, or a part of all humans, and they of me. It is also that I AM one with all Spiritual Beings. I feel this at all times. It’s like having a flow of wind or energy move through you. We all live within Creator Source energy and are made of the same – All are from, of, and alive within that oneness.

    Love to All,

  3. Margaret

    Thanks John,
    The video was potent and I woke up this morning seeing those dolphins negotiating heavy seas leaping up and diving in as the waves seemed to rush forward and the voice over reminding us, as a species, to put the breaks on our (greed) for resources.

    I have understood that nature evolves most during extreme climate change and wondered whether it will take more and more natural climate disasters (we have had very bad flooding here in England) before we wake up to our higher selves. Disasters are not a punishment but an opportunity to grow.

    We can do it!


    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Margaret.

      I agree with you — disasters (or any “negative” experiences) are simply opportunities for growth.


  4. Sarah D

    What a beautiful and touching story. Music is a wonderful way of bringing people together, of creating unity. I used to sing semi professionally with a big and successful choir and orchestra. We were all unique individuals but to perform a masterpiece we had to be totally unified and as one. What an experience!
    I saw a powerful picture yesterday. It was 5 skeletons. They were labelled fat, gay, black and immigrant or similar. Then the final skeleton was labelled ‘human’ the message underneath was ‘do not judge’ and that we’re all the same beneath the labels.
    To me, oneness means acceptance and non judgement. Moving in harmony and celebrating and accepting our similarities. I have to remind myself of this lately as I’ve noticed some negativity creeping in occasionally, but then I remind myself I’m not perfect and can learn and move forward.
    I am still learning to express my true self in the world. I have seen so much change. I have learnt that I’m not happy unless I’m immersed in creativity and that this involves photography. I love making people happy by creating lovely portraits. I always wished to do something more ‘spiritual’ but photography is my true passion.
    There’s something about creation that does bring people together. You are bringing people into your vision, into your own little corner of creation and sharing pleasure. That’s a beautiful oneness.
    Blessings to you, John 🙂

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Sarah.

      I love that 5-skeleton description. Indeed, underneath all the surface illusions, we truly are the same — we are one. I believe whenever we share anything with others that we’re passionate about — photography, story-telling, writing, whatever — we are being spiritual and we are, as you say, creating more oneness.

      Blessings to you too, Sarah.

  5. Micki

    Hi John,
    Thanks you again for sharing a wonderful video and so powerful in its simplicity. To be at peace with yourself is a beautiful way to be.
    Love and hugs to you and yours,

    • John Cali

      Hi Micki,

      Thanks very much. Indeed, to be at peace with yourself is a beautiful way to be. For me it’s the only way to be.

      Love & hugs,

  6. Margaret

    One time, when my husband and I had had a row and weren’t speaking to each other, we found ourselves whistling the exact same note at the exact same time. The coincidence was extraordinary and we both laughed. Whatever we had been arguing about paled into insignificance.

    Oneness is wonderful to experience and fun too 🙂

    Not too sure what my unique purpose is. My life seems to have taken a rather convoluted path, winding this way and that way. I have spent many years caring for others but now returning to my own creative pursuits trying to express those moments of oneness and awe but also very much enjoying sharing ideas with fellow visitors to this site.

    Brothers and sisters 🙂

    John, I couldn’t access the link to Barbara’s video…it didn’t come through as a hyperlink just typing which I managed to copy but couldn’t paste into a google search.

    Lovely to have you back on site. Hope you are ok.

    Take care

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Margaret. As you say, oneness is wonderful — and fun.

      I suspect at least part of your unique purpose is to do exactly what you are doing — sharing your ideas and experiences. After all, they are unique — just as you are.

      Thanks for letting me know about the video link. I think that must have been my fault, but it should work now.

      I’m fine, thanks for your concern — just dealing with some family matters.


  7. Jeannie

    this was a really, really nice peace. I felt I was right there too within the moment, within a single tear. Thank you for even moved away in time I felt the that exquisite moment. Time is meaningless, there is only this moment, this breath and everything exists within it.

    Thank you again
    love and hugs on this rainy spring day!

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