Opinions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by John Cali

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In last week’s newsletter, Spirit said we’d talk about a couple of comments John and one of our readers, Barbara Webster, had made in that newsletter on the opinions of other people.


Here are those comments, first Barbara’s, followed by my response to her.

Barbara: . . . when I seek different audiences to give me validation and sympathy, there are too many human opinions that cloud the reality of the true situation. It’s just a way of putting off dealing with the truth and moving forward.

John: I think you’re very wise to avoid seeking sympathy and validation from too many others. I have a close friend who is forever asking my and others’ opinions before he makes any important decisions. That just leads to more confusion for him. I’ve finally managed to convince him to begin relying more on his own inner guidancenow he’s doing much better.

I don’t know who said this, but I have a quote I just love taped to my computer desk: “We need to be free of the good opinion of others.”

And now here’s Spirit.


Your modern world is ruled, dominated by opinions. It’s often a crazy, dizzy mish-mash from our perspective. Every human, every government, every religion, every school system has their own opinions. Some good, some bad, some ugly. None of it “wrong” in any moral sense. Just different.

If it were left at that, you’d have far fewer problems in your world today. But it’s not left at that.

Virtually all opinion-holders expect, sometimes demand, all others adhere to their opinions, to their rules, to their laws.

And that, friends, is the root of so many of the human problems and tragedies you see literally every day — on an individual level and on a global level. At least you see them if you follow the mainstream news media.

One person, one organization, one country following its true inner guidance can make a huge positive difference in your world today.

But there are relatively few doing that.

However, that does not mean you — one individual standing alone and free of the opinions of others — cannot make a difference. You can.

You may not transform the planet single-handedly overnight into an earthly paradise. But you can transform your own life, your little world, into heaven on earth.


By following your inner guidance faithfully. By making your inner guidance your highest and best, and final, authority.

The whole world could be going to hell, but you could be living in paradise — because you have released your need to place the opinions and advice of others above your own.

When your whole world, or at least more of it, can do that, you will all begin to glimpse the joy and bliss that are your birthright. But you, individually, can experience that here and now, while still in your physical bodies. Whether anyone else does it or not.

All is well.


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