Overwhelmed by John Cali

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Do you ever wonder what your life is all about — why you are here, and who you really are? Many people today are feeling lost and confused. There’s too much going on in their lives, and in the world around and beyond them.

John Cali

A couple days ago, there was an article in the Washington Post about motherhood in America. It said American mothers’ biggest wish was for more peace in their lives. Not more money, not more time, not a sexy body, etc. But peace.

That says a lot about our burnt-out, stressed-out American society. I’m sure other countries also have the same issues.

Lately, some of my family and friends have been complaining to me their lives are too busy. And they don’t know what to do about it. They’re torn between all the “shoulds” and “should-nots” seemingly bombarding them from every direction.

There’s no peace in their lives. They’re overwhelmed.

Here’s Spirit.


Here are some of the ways we see many of you getting yourselves into a state of feeling overwhelmed:

Striving for perfection instead of knowing you are perfect right where you stand. Taking on more than you know you can handle. Being unwilling to ever say “No.” Allowing yourself to be manipulated into doing what you have no desire to do. Making your peace, your happiness contingent on the choices of others. Feeling guilty about the past. Worrying about the future. Caring what others think of you. Always putting yourself last.

We could add many more items to that list, as we’re sure you could.

But you’ll never create a happy life that way.

You will find yourself much happier if you simply focus on being in the present moment. Not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. But simply being here now, in the present moment. That’s all you have anyway.

Linear time, though it seems real to you, is not what you think it is. Just as you mold your own reality with your thoughts, so too can you mold time — you can expand it, you can contract it, at your will. You do that by simply aligning with the energies of your higher self, who does not know linear time.

This requires you to feel peaceful, and not overwhelmed. Do whatever it takes to get yourself into that peaceful place. Some suggestions: meditating, spending time with a loved one, petting your dog (or cat), listening to music, watching a sunset, walking in the woods. You can add your own ideas to this list — but they must be things you enjoy and which bring you joy.

You get the point — which is to take time from your daily schedule and do something nurturing and loving for yourself. You are being very unloving to yourself if you do not take the time to do something — anything — for yourself every day. It need not take a lot of your time. But you need this as much as you need the air you breathe.

Then you will find yourself feeling more and more peaceful and joyful, no matter what is happening in your life, in the lives of your loved ones, or in the world around and beyond you.

You will find every day, every moment of your life, an exciting, joyous adventure. You will look forward to each day with a feeling of happy anticipation — and not that old familiar feeling of dread, of feeling overwhelmed.

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