Pets: Our Teachers and Healers by John Cali

I just came across an article we wrote years ago, but never published on our website. I thought it appropriate this week since we’ve been talking about animals lately.


Your domestic pets, especially dogs and cats, are one of the greatest gifts humanity has ever received. We realize you sometimes take these delightful creatures for granted — just as you sometimes do your fellow humans.

Pets are not in your lives solely for your entertainment, though they certainly do entertain you. More importantly, pets are here as your teachers and, often, your healers.

You have a phrase bandied about much — “dumb” animals. By “dumb” you generally mean “stupid.” Or at least something less than human intelligence.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. While we are in no way diminishing the importance of the human mind, we are saying there is far more “intelligence” in your world than you have ever imagined.

Dogs and cats have great intelligence. Obviously they cannot speak in words, verbally. But they can understand your verbal communication. Yet it’s a rare human who understands dog and cat communication.

Animals communicate with each other and they communicate with you. Their most powerful communication is through telepathy. They read energy. They almost always know ahead of time when something “good” or “bad” is about to happen. They are always tuned into what you sometimes call cosmic consciousness.

Animals have a wealth of intelligence available at all times. This is why, during your tsunamis of 2004, virtually no animals died, though many thousands of humans did.

Without further belaboring that point, we want to stress to you how important your pets are in your lives. They have much to teach you — if you only listen. You may not be able to “hear” what they want to say. But you can sense it if you pay attention.

Spend some quiet time regularly with your pet. Just be together. You don’t have to be doing anything. Just be in a comfortable place. Quiet your mind. Take a few deep breaths. Focus on your pet. Be open to whatever images and impressions enter your awareness. Your pet is quite capable of transmitting images and “words” to you. At least you are able to transmit their communications into images and words that make sense to you.

Practice this regularly. You will deepen the bond and love between you. You will be surprised at what you will learn. You will see life from a whole new perspective, from that wise and broad perspective animals have.

You will learn how to live more fully in the present moment. You will learn to remove the “conditions” you often place on your love for other humans — the “strings” you attach to your human relationships.

You will eventually come to see there are no “dumb” animals. There are no “dumb” humans. You are all one — humans, animals, plants, all of your Mother Earth.

That sense of oneness creates a unified whole. What some of you call All That Is, God, or Goddess. Oneness is the ultimate healer of all life.


What are your experiences with animals? Do you talk to them? Please comment below.

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  1. Isabel

    This is a very true observation about animals. I have grown up always with several dogs and cats in the house, birds, and fish. They were never really “my own”, but rather our family’s as a whole. My first experience with getting “my own” pet was a rowdy and lovable chihuahua-jack russell mix I got one summer after a traumatic experience had left me one-short a companion in life. Her name was Charlie and she came to me out of the loving arms of the universe to be my best friend, my little girl, and my hiking partner. I loved her. However, living in a house with a small back yard and cats that she did not get along with all over the inside of the house, she was confined to my room. She had too much energy to be there! I did something I regret to this day, which has actually made me cry on several occasions because I can’t find the reason for it – I asked for her to get a new home, and she went to live with another family. I try to believe her offerings to this family must be of more importance than what she could give me, but I wonder, too, if it would be appropriate to ask for her back sometimes. Anyway, my second pet was a cat named Edgar who having come from the streets was also very fiesty and did not get along with our other cats, and his claws were a weapon to be avoided, making him a very difficult creature to get along with. I’m not sure the reason he was in my life, except maybe as a mirror for me. I think the animals we choose are like a reflection of a part of us, and Edgar reflected things I suppose I didn’t want to see. I found him a new home as well. I don’t want to walk around regretting these choices, but I feel like I gave up on a mission the universe wanted me to stick out, twice. I’m not sure if that’s accurate. I didn’t mean to give up, I just felt I was handed an unfair hand at the time and tried to escape it.
    The comment regarding the cat who “wanted to be put to sleep” — I’m not going to say anything negative, however I think anyone who re-reads it will realize something is off with the handling of that situation. The cat was young and in good health so I believe there would have been other options to dealing with his ornery behavior other than having him put down. The voice saying “I want to go home” could have easily been “I want a cheeseburger” if you wanted it to be, and then the cat would have had a cheeseburger, instead of dead.
    I love this website and hope this comment doesn’t get deleted if I have been harsh. I have read some magnificent things in these posts and want to continue to be a part of it.
    Sending much love to all,

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Isabel, for your thoughtful comments. We appreciate your kind words about the website.

      BTW, we don’t delete comments unless they’re inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable. But it’s fine with folks to disagree with me or with each other. That makes things interesting. 🙂

      Thanks again.


  2. Grant Connolly

    A few years ago I was sitting in my sisters back garden when a friend of hers arrived with his dog. For some reason I started talking about how dogs love big soup bones purchased from the Butcher. I suggested my sisters friends dog might like a nice soup bone all to himself. The friend said he would buy one and see.

    As they were leaving the dog walked over to me and looked up at me and I could swear he said “thanks for telling my Master about the soup bone”. Then he dipped his head and left.

    From that moment I knew that dogs understand what we say and speak to us without words. There’s no such thing as a “dumb animal”.

    Always sent with love,


  3. Sandra Cronin

    My cat Ella has been the greatest teacher I’ve ever had. She likes to have fresh water from the bathtub. To please her I always let it dribble. One night I returned home after a very long days work. I changed my clothes and got real comfortable going through my nightly routine of taking off my make up , etc. She stood by watching and when I was completely finished she jumped into the bathtub and meowed. I looked and realized I had been gone all day and had not left the water running for her. I turned it on immediately and began apologizing to her at great lengths. She looked up from her slurping, looked me straight in the eye an I know she said,”Forget it”.

    I’m so grateful for her and know my life has been changed forever because of Ella.

  4. Julia Pierce


    Where would I begin with all of the things that animals, especially Cordy boy taught me? I remember the first time I heard him. We were driving to the Outer Banks and I was listening to a tape of Penelope Smith-I think she was the first animal communicator to come forward and make a name for herself. The audio tape was of a speech she gave and she said that many people can tell that the animals they are speaking to can hear them but the question she gets most often is how to hear the animals talking back. She paused for a moment and then said, “Well, what I tell them is, Shut Up. You can’t hear if you’re always talking and when it comes to interspecies communication, that means stop thinking, let them get a word in edgewise. Just Shut Up.” So, there we are driving down Route 17 and I shut up. Not even a second later I heard quite clearly, “I Love You.” followed by an overwhelming wave of love that left me sobbing like a baby. I quickly pulled over and Himself rested his head on top of my mine, over the back of the seat- he was gigantic- for about 5 minutes and then he started barking at me to finish driving him to the beach. It was a life changing moment whose ripples Still haven’t settled even a decade later.

  5. Chris

    Our dear Buddy cat shoots to the front of my memory whenever this topic appears. He was a well-behaved kitten (which I thought odd having adopted countless over the years). But he became a lovely pet until around his fourth or fifth year when he suddenly started nipping and biting everyone … except sacred Me, of course. The family began moving gingerly around the house ever afraid of encountering Buddy. And if he were sitting somewhere, no one would come within a couple of feet of his throne. Finally, there came the day when he clamped down on *my* arm and refused to let go until he had penetrated several layers of clothing and broke the skin. “Your family is living in a constant state of fear … why aren’t you doing anything about it?” was his indisputable message! Oh, but he was beautiful and in perfect health. What to do?!! After taking a day to collect myself, I sat down … at a good distance from him … closed my eyes and asked what he wanted. His answer came startlingly fast and clear, “I want to go home.” I didn’t want to believe it but I knew what he meant. We had him put down gently by our wonderful Vet. I listen to my cats now.

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