Planned Obsolescence by John Cali

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John Cali

I know that sounds like yet another strange title coming from my somewhat weirdly unconventional mind. But bear with me, and it will make sense.

The other day I was talking to a family member. He was concerned about retirement and growing older. He said, “Johnny, do you have any plans for the time when you’ll need to go to a nursing home? After all, you’re alone and don’t have anyone to take care of you.”

I replied “I have no plans to ever go to a nursing home, nor do I plan to allow my body to deteriorate as I get older. And I fully expect to take care of myself till the day I choose to die.”

That confused and flustered him, as he protested that everyone gets old and frail, and we can’t expect to be healthy until the end of our lives. Obviously, he’s in the majority — after all, the mass consciousness dictates our bodies must deteriorate as we grow older.

Planned obsolescence, according to the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, “is the conscious decision on the part of an agency to produce a consumer product that will become obsolete and/or non-functional in a defined time frame.”

Isn’t that how so many of us see our bodies — as a “consumer product” that will become obsolete and non-functional if we live out our statistically-projected life span?

Here’s Spirit.


We wish you could all see yourselves as we see you — you would be amazed! And delighted.

All of you — no exceptions — chose this incarnation you are living. Your souls knew you would find much joy and pleasure in this lifetime. That is, if you allowed yourselves to be — just be who you truly are.

But most of you have not yet reached the place where you allow yourselves to be who you are. In fact, most of you don’t even know who you are. Or why you’re here.

That, thankfully, is changing — more and more of you are waking up and remembering what it’s all about. But that’s another subject for another day.

None of you came here to immerse yourselves in misery, or to muck about in pain and suffering.

We don’t know exactly when or how it started — but somewhere along the path, your human race got lost and forgot nearly everything you all once knew. And still know at the soul level. And so that forgetfulness became part of your mass consciousness.

Your mass consciousness dictates your physical bodies will — must — deteriorate over time. Most of you buy into that false perspective. And so, since you all create your own realities, a deteriorating body becomes your experience.

You expect it, you believe it, and it happens. It must happen. The Universe’s Law of Attraction ensures that.

But nowhere is it etched in stone, or in universal law, that your bodies must wither up and die painful, joyless deaths.

Your bodies, friends, are engineered to live far longer than most of you are willing to believe or allow. Yes, you occasionally hear of people living far beyond what your world considers a normal life expectancy. But those are the rare exceptions, not the norm.

None of you need to watch your bodies fall apart as you move through your years. It is entirely possible, and within your reach, for you to simply move through time in a healthy, vibrant body — and to die in a state of perfect health and joy.

Instead of planning your obsolescence, plan your joyful living — and dying.

Living and dying are not so different from each other. They are both part of the spectrum of your eternal existence.

Think on these things. We realize our words will not change you. Only your own experience will change you. But our desire is that you stop setting limitations for yourselves. Instead, start seeing the endless possibilities for joy that exist in every part of your experience, in every present moment of your lives — and in your deaths. Life and death are both joyful.

Joy is what it’s all about

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