A few weeks ago, a friend, Cathy (not her real name), I’d known all my life died after a painful illness. She and one of her closest, lifetime friends, Jane (also not her real name), spoke with one another as Cathy died.

They were fully present for each other as their long journey together came to a quiet end. It was quite a deeply emotional experience for them both, as you might imagine.

Jane gave Cathy the greatest gift any of us can give another—the gift of her presence.


Being fully present in each moment of your lives is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and others. Your presence is truly a gift.

We realize your modern world can be a very distracting place. All the more reason to practice presence — full presence in every moment of your waking awareness. Obviously, you are physically present in all your waking and sleeping moments. But how often is your mind, your focus off somewhere else?

All you really have is the present moment. All of what you call past and future, all of your life, all of your reality are contained in the present moment. And only in the present moment. So you might as well be there — fully, consciously, deliberately.

You owe it to yourself to be here now, in every moment. You owe it to your loved ones.

You will find yourself more relaxed and at peace in more and more of your waking moments. You will be happier and healthier. And, odd as it may sound, you will find linear time becoming more expansive. You will accomplish more in less time.

Those are only a few of the many benefits and blessings you will gain from such a simple thing as being fully present. Be fully present in the moment — every moment.

Adapted from Spirit Oracle Cards

Copyright © 2023 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


Here’s an interesting perspective on being in the moment from the great spiritual teacher Sadhguru.

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