Rainy Days by John Cali

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John Cali

When I was growing up, we kids were urged to always prepare for “rainy days.” In other words, expect the worst. I’m sure many of you grew up with that same perspective.

Many years later, when I was finally getting serious about my spiritual path, I remember reading or hearing someone say “If you prepare for a rainy day, you’re sure to get one.” You’ve probably heard that one too.

All this reminds me of something the famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, once said: The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.

I think Wright’s quote sums it all up well — life is pretty much what we make of it by our beliefs, our expectations, our thoughts.

Simple, isn’t it?

And that is exactly what Spirit has been saying for years — life is simple. Those of you who’ve been with us a while know Spirit’s teachings are equally simple, and clear.

But lately, I’ve had a number of folks, including some of our readers, telling me teachings such as those of Spirit and other spirit guides, like Abraham and Emmanuel, are misleading and unrealistic. Those teachings, so the comments go, make life sound too simple and too joyful. And that has not been their experience.

Why do you suppose that has not been their experience?

Well, for starters, they have listened to the doomsayers (read that to mean the news media, governments, churches, etc.) and, therefore, they prepare for rainy days, expecting the worst. And guess what? That’s what they get!

So, as I see it, it really is pretty simple. If we believe we create our own realities, a fundamental element in Spirit’s teachings over the years, then it really is simple. We get to choose whether to have rainy days — or sunny days.


A common complaint and question we often hear is why there has to be so much diversity in your world. It would be great, so the complaints go, if we humans agreed on everything.

Such a diverse environment is absolutely what your soul wanted when you incarnated — a place where you could play with all the endless possibilities. And then choose only those you wanted to manifest in your life. And to forget about what others are manifesting in their lives. Your sole business is to joyfully manifest in your life only what you want.

When you’ve acknowledged that and put it into practice, you will then be empowered to help others do the same.

Many of you tell us it’s hard to stay centered, peaceful, and joyful in this modern world you live in. So much chaos and turmoil!

That is true — it is hard to stay centered, peaceful, and joyful. But only if you’re focused mostly on the chaos and turmoil — and on all that can go “wrong” (or already has) in your personal life.

But friends, you are always totally free to choose where you place your focus, your thoughts. The whole world could be going to hell in a hand basket — but you are free to focus on and think about only what brings you joy, pleasure, and passion. If you do that, we promise you will not be joining the world on its path to hell.

You are never forced to go along with the mass consciousness. It’s always your choice.

But if you focus on all the “bad” news your news media put out, if you focus mostly on the “bad” experiences you’ve had in the past, if you focus on the “bad” experiences others are having, then you will surely be dragged down by all that. It will suck the life out of you.

Again, as we said, it’s your choice. The only reason life seems so complicated sometimes is because you have not fully remembered you are in control. You can choose among the many potential paths you have before you.

When you remember, acknowledge, and accept that, you are totally free. There is no greater joy in the Universe than knowing and loving your total freedom.

In that knowing and loving, you can change the tides of the sea even. And you can certainly change the tides of your own life experiences. Whether your challenge be your physical health, your relationships, your abundance — whatever — you can shift your fortunes, good or bad, by your thoughts. As you think, so you are.

We can already hear the objections to what we just said: “It’s not that easy. It’s not that simple.”


If you want to argue for your limitations, you’re free to do it. But you’re equally free to acknowledge and claim your power.

You’re totally free to create rainy days — or sunny days. Totally free. It really is pretty simple. For total freedom is your natural state.

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