Real Happiness by John Cali

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Last week I was talking with our dear friend, Mikala St. Germain, whom many of you know. She was telling me about a channeling website she’d come across. Some of the ideas there came as unpleasant surprises to her.

John Cali

One of those unpleasant surprises was this one: We can only find real happiness in giving, not in receiving or pleasing ourselves.

Here, in her own words, is Mikala’s reaction:

“My immediate reaction was, ‘Now, that’s just wrong.’ I thought maybe you might use that for a newsletter. I know you and CJ have spoken on the larger topic many times, but I was shocked that it’s still out there and thriving.”

I also was surprised to see these ideas still floating around out there in cyberspace and in people’s minds. It reminds me of my Catholic upbringing which taught us to always put other people first, even when that caused great damage to ourselves.

Here’s Spirit.


Many humans we observe do not expect to be happy. If they ever do achieve that elusive goal, it will only be after a long, hard struggle. So goes that line of thinking.

John mentioned his Catholic upbringing. He and others were taught, implicitly if not explicitly, they did not deserve to be happy. That was not what God wanted for them. God wanted them to serve only him and others, while neglecting themselves. Then some day, they might find a bit of happiness here and there.

Of course, that idea of what God wants has wrought more human horror and grief than any other idea humans have forced upon one another. Who decides “what God wants” anyway?

We’ve talked about all this, publicly and privately, for many years. And yet, as Mikala said, those ideas are “still out there and thriving.”

Your higher self, that wiser broader part of you, lives eternally in a state of perfect happiness. You — the human part of you — when you are fully aligned with your higher selves, are also happy. And it won’t matter what is happening in the world around you. It won’t matter what other people are choosing to do with their lives.

All that matters, all that ever has mattered, are the thoughts you think and the choices you make. Happiness is a choice you can freely make. Unhappiness is a choice you can freely make. No one, nothing can compel you to be either happy or unhappy.

When you fully acknowledge and accept you are God, you cannot be anything other than happy. When you know you, as God in human form, deserve to be happy, you will be.

When you deliberately choose happiness, you will find happiness everywhere you look. You will be at peace with yourselves and the world. Only when you are happy can you best serve yourselves and others. It’s that simple. That’s what real happiness is.

NOTE: “Coincidentally,” after we finished this newsletter yesterday, I came across something Wayne Dyer posted on Twitter:

“A woman asked me recently ‘What are the blocks to my happiness? I said ‘the belief that you have blocks.'”


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