Right, Wrong, Rules, and Laws: What’s It All About? by John Cali

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John Cali

A longtime reader and friend of Spirit’s and mine sent an interesting response to our last two newsletters on the subject of “We’re Right and They’re Wrong.”

One part of her response particularly intrigued me. And Spirit too, as it turned out.

Reader’s Response

Does it not behoove humanity to set some standard of “rightness” or “wrongness” for individual or group behavior? Should we allow such people (terrorists, burglars, murderers, etc.) to go along their merry way hurting and damaging, as it’s just that individual’s perspective and we have no right to judge?


Setting some standard of “rightness” or “wrongness” is where your world has gotten itself into difficulty for many centuries now.

Exactly who is to determine the “right” and the “wrong” for everyone and for every situation? A single individual? Of course not! A single institution? Well, yes, you’ve certainly done this. One country? You’ve done that too. One alliance of countries? Yes, you do that too.

And on and on and on ad nauseam.

Has the setting of standards of “right” and “wrong” ever brought peace to your planet? Or to any of you individually?

Every law ever created, whether by your religious or secular institutions, is fear-based. Hear that loud and clear: Every law is based on fear!

And fear is not the way any of you will ever achieve what you want in your lives–nor will you achieve what your souls, in their infinite wisdom, decided you would experience in this lifetime.

The lawmakers and standard-setters, in their basic insecurity, are terrified of those who might break their laws and standards. And so their internal dialogue with themselves goes something like this:

“We must control these wild people who disagree with us. We must control them so they do things our way. After all, our way is THE RIGHT way. Their way cannot possibly be right because it’s different from ours. The only way we can control them is for us to determine what’s right and what’s wrong for everyone–according to our standards, values, and beliefs, of course. Then we shall establish the laws–and, of course, the punishments for breaking those laws. When we do that, we will all be safe and secure. And those who disagree with us will be forced to go along with us or suffer the most dire of consequences.”

Where has all that gotten you, individually, as a nation, as a planet? Do you see peace on earth?

You’ve got all these selfishly, narrow-mindedly determined laws and rules of conduct that one individual or group fights, often to the death, to impose on another.

That is obviously not the road to peace–it’s not working! You will never, ever begin to even approach anything resembling peace on earth until you trust in your own inner, intrinsic goodness and wisdom. And in the inner, intrinsic goodness and wisdom of all your sisters and brothers.

Then–and only then–will you have taken your first, tiny baby-step toward peace on earth. And that peace will bear little resemblance to how most of you are envisioning peace today.

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