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One of the most common questions we get in personal readings is “How can I contact my spirit guides?”

The short answer to that is “You don’t have to contact them—they will contact you.”

That sounds like a contradiction since so many people want to contact their guides, but are not succeeding. The reason they are not succeeding is they are not paying attention when the guides actually do contact them—and so they miss an opportunity to connect.

To illustrate what I mean let me share a little incident that happened to Barbara Clark and me a few months ago. Here is the description she wrote shortly after the incident:

“Two nights ago, as John and I chatted after dinner, I felt my nose was a bit stuffed up, but then realised I could smell roses.

“I mentioned that I smelled the roses and John told me they were from Dad, that he loved me. And he sent me a loving and empowering message.

“Until that moment, I had completely forgotten that Dad used to cut roses from the garden and give them to Mum, me, and Christina (Barbara’s daughter) all the time. I felt him and his love for me more than I ever did during his lifetime.”

It’s interesting that this incident happened just several days after Barbara’s father “died.” Obviously, only his body died, but he was still with her—more so now than ever.

In my experience, this is a common happening. When people (or pets) die physically, they often return to their loved ones immediately—especially if the loved ones are grieving deeply.

They return, just as Barbara’s father did, to reassure their loved ones they have not gone anywhere, and are still right there with all their love and caring.

However, often the loved ones simply don’t see the signs. It would have been very easy for Barbara and me to ignore her father’s “calling card”—the scent of roses.

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts on all this.


Even in the midst of your pain, your trials, remember you are loved and supported. You are never alone. We are always with you.

All you need is to ask and we shall be instantly at your side, loving and supporting you always.

You are never alone, never unloved. We hold you always in our arms.

The veil between “life” and “death” is an illusion. There is no separation. We are all one, and we in spirit are always available to you.

But if you do not believe we are there right beside you always, it will be hard for you to experience us.

Pay attention to the signs that we are there, that we want to communicate with you. We give you many signs.

For example, we may appear to you in your dreams. You may have a waking vision of us. You may hear us, through your physical ears or your mind, talking to you. You may receive a message from us through a loved one still in the physical.

You may even notice the scent of roses.


Here’s an Abraham video explaining we all have the ability to communicate with Spirit—whether we believe it or not.

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Do you communicate with Spirit—with your spirit guides and angels? How do you do it? Or if you haven’t done it, do you want to? Please share your thoughts and comments with us.

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