Separation by John Cali

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Jean Horn, another of our dear friends, recently posted an article she wrote on our Spirit Forum. It’s a thought-provoking piece called “From Inside Creation We Peek Out.”

John Cali

One of Jean’s comments was particularly powerful for me:

“One cannot look within the mirror and hate oneself, for in doing so we hate all things. The pain we feel is the separation from that which we truly are.” (Emphasis is mine.)

Here’s part of my reply to Jean:

“Separation from ourselves is the source of all pain. If we give up separation, there is no pain.”

And here’s Spirit.


We talked recently about connection — how all of you are connected with each other as physical beings, and how you’re connected with all of us in spirit.

The “flip side” of that, if you will, is separation.

As John said, separation from yourselves is the source of pain. The cure for the pain is to give up the separation. But how do you do that?

We realize none of you are deliberately causing yourselves pain. Perhaps if it was deliberate you’d find it easier to give up.

When you incarnated here on your planet, you — your soul, knew there would be a certain amount of forgetting who you really are. But that was part of the game you set out to play in physical form. Your soul wanted the challenge and the fun of playing the game.

As little children you knew all that. But then you were effectively brainwashed and your joyful spirit was squashed, usually starting with your parents, who had themselves forgotten who they were. And then your society took over that job — you know, your teachers, churches, governments.

They basically told you to forget who you are — the joyful, free, fun-loving spirits you truly are. Most of you bought into that mentality of the mass consciousness. You “fell into line.”

That is essentially the story of the human race the past few thousand years.

But now it’s time to wake up and to fully remember who you are — God in human form. It’s time to end the separation of you from yourselves, of you from God.

In fairness to humans, we must say many more of your are waking up today, including those of you reading this. We commend and applaud you for that.

You are beginning to pierce the veil of forgetfulness, the illusion of separation. The more you do that, the more joy you will feel. Your lives will become easy and effortless.

Eventually the pain of separation will vanish. You and God will have once again become one. You will soar on wings of joy.


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