Sexuality: Homo or Hetero? by John Cali

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John Cali

Spirit and I receive lots of questions from you, our readers. We cannot possibly answer them all in a weekly newsletter. After all, there are only 52 weeks in a year.

So we strive to answer those questions we feel have the broadest relevance to our readers. This week’s newsletter is based on one of those questions, a question we received in response to our newsletter, Love Is Not Enough, from February 26.

Here’s what our reader wrote:

“I enjoy reading the newsletters . . . . They are enlightening and inspirational. I do have a quick question . . . . What is the teaching on homosexuality/same sex relationships? (My opinion is) from . . . God’s point of view, the human point of view is very limiting and hateful. An answer from a place of true love would be most appreciated.”

Here’s Spirit’s response.


Humans are fond of labels, especially when it comes to labeling themselves and other humans. Labels are always limiting and often unloving. One of the worst labels you inflict on yourselves is that of homosexual–or gay–or whatever term you choose to use.

Let us begin this conversation with this fact–a fact some of you may find startling, or even offensive.

You are all gay. By that we mean you all have feminine and masculine aspects to your human (and spiritual) natures.

And yet your society (read that to mean your churches, your governments, your parents, etc.–all those so-called “authorities”) have decreed that only one aspect of your sexual and overall natures is permitted to manifest itself. And that “permitted” aspect depends on whether you chose a female body or a male body for this incarnation.

In other words, if you’re a woman, you’re supposed to have sexual relationships only with men. And, of course, if you’re a man, you can have sexual relationships only with women.

Now, we are not saying there is anything wrong or unbalanced about what you call heterosexual relationships. Most of you obviously prefer those.

But we are saying there is also nothing wrong with homosexual relationships, or even bisexual relationships.

In fact, we will take this one step further–and some humans will find this heretical, even blasphemous. We will say one who is open to bisexual relationships is sometimes the most spiritually balanced of the human lot.

Why do we say that?

Well, those who are consciously and deliberately bisexual, whether they actually live that lifestyle or not, are usually keenly aware, at some level, of her or his masculine and feminine qualities and characteristics. And they neither deny nor ignore them.

For, as we said, you are all composites of masculine and feminine energies. Spirit is a composite of masculine and feminine energies. How could you, the human, be any different?

For you are simply Spirit embodied, for a time, in physical form.

When your society finally acknowledges the fact that you are all masculine and feminine, hatred of those who are different from the mainstream will vanish from the face of your planet.

For you cannot hate another human unless you see her or him as different from yourself. And, in the context of this discussion today, you are all the same, you are one. You are all a blend of feminine and masculine energies. And the expression of those energies, whatever form that expression takes, is neither right nor wrong.

Each individual has his or her own unique expression. All expressions are good. All sexual orientations are good. For they all express you, in human and spirit form. They all express the divinity–the divine uniqueness and the divine sameness each and every one of you came to this physical lifetime to manifest, in whatever way you choose to manifest them.

You are all goddesses and gods in human form. And you will ultimately return to spirit form.

How you travel that road, how you ultimately return–again and again–to spirit, is totally up to you.

There is no right or wrong. All is as it should be. And you will all find your way back Home to Spirit.

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