Your angels are always sending you signs of their presence and love, such as feathers, flowers, lights, numbers, and music. ~ Doreen Virtue

black feather from SpiritBlack Feather

One cold and cloudy day in September 1992, my dog Schnapsi and I were strolling through a grove of evergreen trees in Yellowstone National Park. Suddenly there was an energy, a huge presence both of us felt. It was almost overwhelming.

We stopped dead in our tracks and just stood there, wondering what was coming next. After a couple minutes the energy shifted, and was gone.

I looked down at the ground. There, next to my left foot, was a huge and beautiful black feather. I knew, somehow, that was a sign from Spirit. We had been “visited.”

On that cold September day in the mountains I was at a hard place in my life, struggling for answers to my challenges. As I later discovered, that big beautiful black feather (which I still have) was simply a sign from my spirit guides that they were with me always.

Ever since that day all those years ago, feathers have been Spirit’s “calling cards” for me.

The feathers appear regularly, often when I want reassurance that a decision I’ve made is the right one. Or when I’m doubting myself and need some support.

There’s no question or doubt in my mind these feathers are signs from Spirit, telling me all is well.

We all receive these signs. It doesn’t matter if they are feathers, flowers, a message from an animal, a “chance” meeting with a stranger with the answer to a question we have. And so on.

Pope Francis considers white roses as his sign from Spirit, usually from Saint Therese of Lisieux.

The signs can take many forms. But we won’t see them unless we expect and look for them.

Of course, the most powerful and trustworthy signs are those that come from within us.

Years after that wintry day in Yellowstone, at another challenging time in my life, Spirit spoke directly to me. Here’s part of what they said.


Spirit speaks to you often. Yet you do not hear because you’re not listening, you’re not watching. The signs are all around you. They come to you in ways expected and unexpected. But you’ll never hear or see them unless you remain constantly watchful.

This is the single most important task you can do in this lifetime: Be constantly watchful for the signs of Spirit speaking to you. You will find Spirit speaks to you as easily and clearly as your friends and family on the earth plane.

Your higher self is always in a state of perfect bliss, perfect joy, perfect peace. It is a state of high consciousness, but with total awareness of your total reality and existence in the moment.

If you are fully present in the moment with love, there can be no pain, no sorrow. There can nothing but total peace. The peace, as your Bible says, that surpasses all human understanding.

When you achieve that state of high consciousness — and you can fully achieve it while still incarnated — you will once again have become one with Spirit. Then, when Spirit speaks to you again, you will hear only the sound of your own voice.

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Here are Esther Hicks and Abraham talking about the meaning of signs.



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