Sounds of Silence by John Cali

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Grand Teton Mountain Range, WyomingGrand Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming

I’m blessed to live in a rural, remote area of Wyoming far from the racket and rush of the city. It wouldn’t suit everyone, but it’s perfect for me.

John Cali

One of the many things I love about Wyoming is the intimate closeness we have with the natural world. We’re literally surrounded by all things wild and wonderful — the beasts, the birds, the mountains, the vast open spaces.

This time of year is particularly beautiful. The aspen are amber, the skies are blue, the sagebrush is gray, the air is crisp and cool. The mountains are already snow-capped. The geese are flying down from the north. The deer and elk are coming down from the high country.

In the vastness of this land I feel closer to God than I’ve ever felt in any church. Or anywhere else. I love it all.

But what I love best is the silence — the sounds of silence.

Here’s Spirit.


You need more silence in your world. We don’t mean just outer silence — an end to the raging wars, the political turmoil, the highway traffic, etc. Those you can do little about. They just are.

But you also need inner silence — silence in your hearts, minds, and bodies. To use John’s words, the “racket and rush” of the cities are taking their toll on your hearts, minds, and bodies.

We’re not saying you should abandon the cities. After all, that’s where most of you live. But in the midst of your cities and all their distractions, you need to find your own quiet places of silence.

One of the best ways to do that is regularly practicing meditation. A simple, yet powerful, way to meditate is to consciously breathe. Focus on your breathing, in and out. Just a few minutes a day can be enough.

You don’t have to do “formal” meditations. Almost anything that relaxes you and which you enjoy can be a meditation. Spending time with a loved one, with a beloved pet, walking among the trees or on a beach. Anything you enjoy and which brings you a sense of peace and quiet.

We know you lead busy lives, even if you live in places like Wyoming where John is.

It is good for you to be busy doing the things you do. But it is not good to be so overwhelmed by, or engulfed in, the world “out there” that you forget the world “in here” — in your hearts and souls.

You will find it much easier to face the world “out there” when you come from a place of peace “in here.”

If you create your own realities — and all of you do — then you will create much more powerfully what you want to create when you come from that peaceful, powerful place within.

It’s vital that you have this place within — your haven of peace, your safe harbor. When you do, you’ll know a greater sense of peace and power than you’ve ever known in this lifetime.

Listen to the sounds of silence. Then you will remember your way Home.

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