Life often seems like diverging railroad tracks. Which track do you choose? Right or left? Which choice will lead you to a life of love and peace? Which will lead you home?


Imagine you’re on a train, and the train is traveling west. You can choose to go east, by walking to the back of the train. Or you can choose to  go north, by moving to the right side of the train. Finally, you can choose to go south, by moving to the left side of the train.

But are you really traveling east, north or south?

Then as your train hurtles west, it is suddenly plunged into darkness. You panic. All you feel is fear.

Then, just as suddenly, you are once again surrounded by light as you emerge from the tunnel of darkness.

Do you know what’s really happened?

It doesn’t matter one bit what you did on the train. Whether you tried to go east, north, or south. It doesn’t matter if the darkness struck fear into your heart. It doesn’t matter if the light made you ecstatic. You were free to do whatever you wanted on the train. The same is true of the train of life.

But no matter what you chose—no matter what direction you went, you ended up at your final destination. You cannot get it wrong.

Your westward journey brought you home again. Then you can choose to take another train ride. Or not.

But Spirit always leads you Home.

Adapted from John Cali and Spirit Special Reports

Copyright © 2018 by John Cali

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This beautiful song, Going Home, is Donnie Munro’s farewell to his band, Runrig, and to their fans.


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