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One of the most common questions folks ask my spirit guides and me is “How can I communicate with my dead loved ones?”

That’s a question most of us ask one time or another. I sure have!

As I see it, the problem is not that physical death cuts the lines of communication between our loved ones and us. Just the opposite, in fact. Our family in spirit are always right here with us now, in a much more powerful and intimate way than when they were in a physical body.

But we, as a human race, have lost our ability to communicate with Spirit. And it’s time now—in fact, there’s never been a better time—to reconnect with Spirit. In this era of heightening human consciousness, it’s never been easier.

My spirit guides often say we never lose those we love, in “life” or “death.” What we call death is an illusion anyway. There is no death. There is only life, then more life—life after life after life….

We are eternal. And so are our loved ones. And so are all humans and all living creatures.


Spirit—your loved ones in spirit, God, your angels, your spirit guides—are always right there beside you. But since so many humans are not open to spirit communication, or do not believe it is possible, there is no communication.

It’s not because Spirit is not talking to you. It’s because you are not listening. The ways Spirit can communicate with you are limitless.

Spirit can speak to you through your family, through animals, through books, and so on. In fact, there’s a message from Spirit in literally every experience you have in your physical lifetimes.

For example, one of John’s spirit guides often brings him feathers as gifts and as reassurance that all is well.

When you acknowledge and accept the reality of spirit, then you will be opening yourselves up to even more direct communication. Of course, the most direct communication is through your heart, through your inner knowing—or intuition, as you call it.

Do not limit the ways spirit can communicate you. Spirit is unlimited. You are unlimited.


This video, The Language of Spirit by spiritual teacher and psychic medium John Holland, will touch your heart if you’ve ever missed a loved one who’s passed into spirit. And who of us has not?

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