Technology Hell by John Cali

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One day last week, first thing in the morning, my internet service quit working. I was frustrated because I had a lot of work to do that day.

John Cali

Then my telephone quit working. I was more frustrated. Fortunately, I have a cell phone which I’d never used. It was just collecting dust. But I was thankful to have it that day.

I spent most of the morning talking to my internet and phone service people. Nobody there could figure out the problem. I was still more frustrated. I wondered aloud why they couldn’t send someone to check things out. But they were taking the least costly (to them ) alternative — long distance diagnosing. It didn’t work.

To top it off, my office stapler broke that morning. Certainly a trivial event, but I let that add even more frustration to my day.

By this point I was hopelessly frustrated and just had to get out of the house. I went and talked to a couple good friends. I found myself complaining about the lousy service, the baffled tech folks, the stapler, etc. etc. I said “I’m living in technology hell.”

When I got back home I realized what I’d been doing to myself. I’m not a complainer. But I sure was that day!

So I decided I definitely needed a more positive perspective, took a few deep breaths, did a short meditation, and relaxed — what I should have done at the beginning.

I called my service company again. This time I got someone who, within two minutes, knew the problem could not be fixed over the phone. He said he’d have someone come out, but that can take up to two weeks. I could not imagine two weeks with no internet service!

As we continued to talk, “coincidentally,” an opening came up for 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. Great! The repairman got here before 3:00, took one look at my computer system, and said he would check the outside cables. Three minutes later he had the problem fixed. He was in and out in a total of five minutes!

Did the big shift in my attitude (and vibration) from negative to positive make the difference? I’m convinced it did.

Here’s Spirit.


You are all powerful beings, powerful creators. This is nothing we haven’t said to you many times before. But as with John, you occasionally need reminding. Though the reminders do not need to be as painfully frustrating as his were.

Nevertheless, the frustration serves its purpose if it reminds you of who you really are.

Every thought you think sends out a vibration that reaches out into the vastness of the universe. Your thoughts affect, negatively or positively, all creation — all that is. And they certainly affect your own personal lives and experiences.

John could have “nipped this in the bud,” as you say, if he’d simply shifted his perspective and vibration when the problems began.

Did you notice , as soon as he did make that shift, the situation turned around almost instantly?

In these dramatically changing times on your planet you are all becoming even more powerful creators, either in a negative or positive way. But at least those of you on a conscious spiritual path can use your increasing power to deliberately create more of what you want.

Another benefit to living in these times is your manifestations are coming faster and faster — whether they be what you want or do not want. Even instantaneous manifestations are becoming more common.

Again, you are all powerful beings of light, powerful creators. Use your power wisely.


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