The Cold Chilly Winds of Life by John Cali

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Most of us, at one time or another, have had the experience of sailing through our daily lives easily and effortlessly. And then suddenly, everything goes to hell. And we wonder what hit us. Sound familiar?

John Cali

A few mornings ago, I was out for my daily run in the foothills south of my town. When I started it was a pleasantly warm, early fall morning. The rugged mountains all around were bathed in autumn’s golden light. The intoxicating aroma of sagebrush filled the air. The aspen were amber. And the green valley far below basked in warm sunshine.

What a beautiful morning — a glorious day to be alive!

But after I’d run about half a mile, it suddenly turned cold and cloudy. Wind and rain were beating against my body, soaking my clothes.

The weather is often like that here in Wyoming — it can change in a heartbeat.

I almost turned around to go back home. But then I said to myself, “Hell, I’m not going to let the fickle weather keep me from doing something I love.”

So I went on. A few minutes later, the wind died down a bit, the rain let up, and the sun peeped through the clouds.

By the time I finished running, the sun was out, my clothes had dried, and the cold wind had become a warm, gentle breeze. All was well.

Isn’t that the way life often is? The cold chilly winds of life blow mercilessly on us at times. But if we go on, never losing faith, we always come to that warm sunny place where all is truly well.

Here’s Spirit.


We love John’s comparison of the cold chilly winds of Wyoming to the challenges you often face in your earthly lives. It’s an apt metaphor.

None of you came here, in this incarnation — particularly in this most powerful and intense time on your planet — to simply bask in the warm sunshine.

You signed on for a lot more than that.

And so when you are confronted with challenges, with the “cold chilly winds of life,” know they will all pass. They must pass. All things must pass. Nothing stands still. You cannot stand still.

So, friends, take comfort in the knowing whatever cold chilly winds you encounter, they will pass. Let it be okay if you feel sad, confused, lost, afraid — that too will pass. Don’t beat up on yourselves for that. Just know you will once again, sooner or later, find yourselves basking in the warm golden glow of joy.

Your higher selves are there, right beside you, guiding you lovingly through whatever you are experiencing. Whether you are experiencing what you consider “good” or “bad,” you will get through it.

If you look for the joy in all your experiences, pleasant or unpleasant, you will find yourselves magically transformed. Not necessarily overnight — but you will be transformed. And the joy is always there. But you have to look for it, and expect to find it.

Then you will find yourselves able to stay in that centered place of peace and power within you. You will find yourselves fully aligned with the joy and bliss your higher selves exist in eternally. And it won’t matter if the cold chilly winds are blowing all about you, or if the golden sunlight is bathing you in its warmth.

You will have arrived at that place of perfection — that place of knowing joy is your birthright — and of knowing you can be joyful under any and all conditions.

Well being is your birthright. All is well.

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