We recently wrote an article, Farewell to Rosie, about the death of Barbara Clark’s dog, Rosie on May 2. After she died Barbara and I were talking on the phone that same day. Rosie suddenly appeared to me.

She gave me a short, clear message she wanted me to convey to Barbara. She said “I love you, Mom. Thank you for everything.”

For about a week after she died Rosie continued giving me short messages for Barbara, usually when Barbara and I were talking on the phone. She was also communicating with Barbara during this time.

Barbara describes her experiences with Rosie during that week:

“What a difference a week makes!

“It’s been a week of deep personal and spiritual growth, an immense sense of peace, happiness and deep, deep love.

“As John said, Rosie started communicating with us the evening of the day she ‘died’ and hasn’t stopped since. She beams enormous amounts of pure, unconditional love to us both and has given me so much reassurance, both verbally and visually.

“Something I am sure many of us struggle with is whether we made the right decision to have our pets put to sleep. Rosie has reassured me that it was absolutely the right decision and the timing was perfect. She gave me a vision of how her body would have looked if I’d put the decision off for just one more day; it wasn’t pretty.

“I was sitting outside enjoying the sun the day after she passed and thought I heard her footsteps on the concrete. I told myself I was imagining it. Then she told me, ‘You can’t hear me as well as you could before because I am so light now.’

“She was ready to leave that old, ‘heavy’ body behind and is ecstatic about being so light now.

“She is absolutely radiant and joyful, and repeatedly reassures me that she will always be right by my side.”

As Spirit has said many times, we never lose those we love, human or animal. And they can communicate with us from the far side of The Rainbow Bridge.


Have you ever received messages from a departed pet? Please share with us below.

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