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Last week one of our family died at a relatively young age. She’d been suffering from a serious illness since she was in her 40s.

I know, as my spirit guides often say, we all die at the time and in the manner we choose. Yet when someone close dies, it’s still an adjustment for us—often a difficult one.

Adding to the difficulty is the almost universal fear of death.

Here are a few thoughts from Spirit.


Your greatest fear is walking into your greatness. If you simply let go of all your feelings of unworthiness, lack, low self-esteem, etc., you would wake up tomorrow morning in what would literally be a new world. Your fear of death would be gone.

You would have this shining moment of insight. You would remember who you truly are. In that moment of remembering, all fear would vanish. Only peace and joy would remain. You would know all is well. You would know there is no death, only life.

When your time comes, you would savor the sweet taste of physical death, for you know it is only a new beginning, an exciting journey back home.

Life is not dangerous. Life—and death—are perfectly safe. You live in a safe universe. The only “danger” is you do not think you’re safe. You use fear to give you that false sense of security. As you say, “Fear will keep me safe because it helps me avoid what can harm me.”

Nothing can harm you. Sure, you can live in fear and give yourself a false sense of security. Or you can live in love and give yourself a real sense of security.

You are love. You are God. Fear is not who you are. Fear is not part of God.

Death does not exist. Let go of the fear of death, and then you will soar.

Adapted from Spirit Oracle Cards by John Cali, Frederic Calendini, and Stephanie Quesada (Great Western Publishing, 2013)


The legendary Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute, talks about the fear of death in this video:


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Do you fear death? Why? How can you alleviate your fear? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.


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