The Law of Allowance by John Cali

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John Cali

We recently received the following letter from a reader.


I was touched by Spirit’s message regarding “truth.” Staying out of judgment is a thing many, many gifted people have written about and, certainly, refraining from judgment is a key. However, there is something that seems to precede refraining from judgment. That is the Law of Allowance.

“Churchianity” has conditioned us to accept God/Source as full of judgment, blessing the chosen few and raining difficulty on those that seemingly disobey the commandments. We would do well to realize that God/Source allows all things in this dimension whether it be health or illness, wealth or starvation. Humanity is allowed to participate in the full spectrum of life’s options with no restriction. God/Source is perfect in allowance.

Perhaps Spirit might offer added insight to the Law of Allowance?

Here are Spirit’s thoughts.


Ah, what a magnificent subject–the Law of Allowance!

This is for many, if not most, humans their ultimate earthly challenge.

As our letter writer said so eloquently, “God/Source is perfect in allowance.”

That is one of the greatest truths and guideposts in the entire universe. And you would all do well to emulate it.

We’re talking about non-judgement here.

You have been taught–many of you from infancy–that you will be constantly, continuously, nauseatingly judged throughout your earthly lives. And the “supreme judge” is, of course, none other than God himself (or herself).

The first part of that is accurate–you are often judged by others in your earthly lives. But–and this is an important and critical “but”–none of you are ever judged more harshly by another than you are by yourselves.

The second part is absolute nonsense! God–whatever you perceive her/him/it to be does not judge you. God does not judge anything or anyone. God allows. Period!

And you would all do well to emulate that non-judgement, that allowing the God/Source so graciously and lovingly bestows upon every one of you now walking upon Mother Earth.

Do you want to get some real and deep insight into how judgemental or allowing you personally might be?

Well, here’s an excellent test–at least for those of you living in so-called modern countries and societies.

When you’re out driving your cars on your highways and byways, how do you view your sisters and brothers who share the road with you?

Some of you are harshly critical of many of your fellow highway travellers. If someone hesitates for a half second when the stop light turns to go, what’s your reaction? When someone cuts in front of you and nearly sideswipes your car, what’s your reaction? When you’re doing the speed limit and someone passes you, what’s your reaction?

You get the idea.

Your highways are one of the best “proving grounds” on the planet for you to get some wonderful insight into how judgemental or allowing you are toward your sisters and brothers.

And so where is all this leading?

Well, here’s where: You all came to this incarnation on Mother Earth at, if you will, the behest of your soul. And your soul knew clearly what it was doing.

Life on Mother Earth can be an absolutely delightful, beautiful, joyful, passionately powerful experience. And that is exactly what it was meant to be.

But is it that for you? In some cases, yes. In many cases, no.

The real key to “success”–whatever you define that to be–in your lives is to simply and lovingly allow everything and everyone–absolutely everything and everyone–to be OKAY.

Follow your heart and your path, and allow all others to follow theirs.

That sounds nonsensical to your human minds.

But that is the Law of Allowance. And that is exactly what God/Source does for each of you.

Can you do any less for one another–or for yourselves?

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