The Rut of Earthly Reincarnations by John Cali

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We received mixed feedback on our two most recent newsletters, “Feeling Good” and “All Roads Lead Home.”

John Cali

The feedback ranged from “unsettling” and “maybe you are after feedback from conflict” to “Thanks to Spirit for never wavering.”

Then there was the letter from my good friend of many years, George Ball. Here’s George’s letter:


It’s nice to hear from the Spirit group that we will all return safely home. I don’t doubt that there is truth to that. But then there is the Course in Miracles, which seems to be getting more credence lately, that tells us we must get onto a rigorous program in order to get ourselves out of this rut of earthly reincarnations. I guess Hinduism has been saying something like that for centuries.

Might we get some guidance about the difference between relying on Spirit’s automatic “salvation” for all and seeking and pursuing a rigorous program of self-improvement?

Best wishes,


Here’s my reply to George:

Hi George,

Well, Spirit has said that many times over the years (we will all return safely home). I’m somewhat familiar with A Course in Miracles, but wasn’t aware of it advising a rigorous program to get ourselves out of the reincarnational cycle.

But I’d be delighted to ask Spirit to reply to your question in an upcoming newsletter.

Here’s Spirit.


There is nothing in your earthly lives that must be “rigorous” — to use our dear friend George’s term. Certainly not the many lifetimes (“reincarnations”) most of you have chosen to experience on your Mother Earth.

Reincarnation is a term we don’t particularly favor. For it is limiting — more on that later.

What we want to emphasize here today, friends, is this “fact of life,” if you will: Human life, in all its multiple and varied expressions was never ever intended by your higher selves to be a “rut” — again, to use George’s term.

If you view your lives as a rut — this lifetime or any other life experience past, present, or future — you are limiting yourselves to living a life a lot less joyful than your higher selves intended.

You are not stuck in a “reincarnational rut” you are doomed to repeat again and again till you “get it right.”

You are all here because you chose to be here. Whether “here” is this lifetime or any other of the lifetimes you’ve lived, or will live.

You chose to be here, to be physical, to incarnate on your Mother Earth because you thought there might be some fun here. After all, life is supposed to be fun. Or maybe you forgot that.

You are not being punished with these “reincarnational ruts.” You are totally free to get out of those “ruts” whenever you choose. After all, you do create your own realities.

So you are doing yourselves a great disservice if you believe physical life is some sort of punishment for your “sins.”

It is not!

What physical life is is a grand opportunity to exercise your divine creative powers — to experience whatever you choose — in this present physical existence or in the non-physical existence you continuously cycle in and out of.

If you see your so-called reincarnations as we see them, you will come to know they are not a punishment, they are not a rut. They are simply choices your higher selves have made with the highest possible motives.

Friends, your reincarnations benefit you and us. Every opportunity you choose to experience contributes to your growth and contributes to our growth. There is no “one-way street” as many of you think. We in these dimensions of Spirit receive as many gifts from you in physical form as you do from us.

The best thing you can do for yourselves, and for us, is to simply live all your experiences with joy. To seek the joy that is always there waiting for you to recognize it.

Then you won’t get so caught up in “reincarnational ruts.” You will simply see them for what they are – a part of your never-ending cycle of growth.

Remember, the joy is in the journey, not the destination. En-joy your journey!


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