Although I’m no longer Roman Catholic, I enjoy keeping up with religious news. I came across an interesting article on Catholic liturgy this past Easter weekend.

It referred to Solemn Intercessions, the Vatican’s Good Friday ritual. During this ritual Catholics pray for the entire world’s population to become Catholic. Of course, the underlying idea here is the only true church is Roman Catholic.

Isn’t that the narrow-minded attitude lying at the root of our world’s many problems today? It’s my way or the wrong way.


As a former Roman Catholic, Johnny often wondered why his church was the only “good guy.” Of course, that ultimately led to him leaving the Roman Catholic Church. It was a choice he never regretted.

As he said, this narrow-minded perspective—It’s my way or the wrong way—has led to many of your world’s problems today.

It’s ironic that many of your planet’s religions today miss the whole point of true religion: All are God’s children, sons and daughters of the Divine.

The one you call Christ always taught the oneness of humanity, of all that is. And yet, ironically, many belief systems that claim the label “Christian” are anything but Christ-like.

We are not picking on only religion. We are picking on any system or organization—no matter its chosen label—who separates itself from all others.

The only valid system or religion is the one who sees no separation among humans. The one who realizes you are all one.

It’s that simple. Any religion or belief system, great though it may be, that is preaching separation is misguided.

The only way is the way of oneness, the way of Love.

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This video presents an interesting overview of our world’s modern religions.

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