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Do you feel pressured for time — you know, that thing we humans often complain we don’t have enough of? Dealing with time is particularly stressful for many people during this holiday season.

John Cali

For whatever reason, I often find inspiration for these newsletters at the local post office. Don’t ask me why — I have no idea. But I hear the most interesting conversations from the people in my little mountain town while they’re visiting the post office. I’m not eavesdropping — it’s just such a small place, you can’t help overhearing the folks around you.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was walking into the post office, there were two men walking in behind me. One of them was hobbling along on a cane, with the other man, a bit younger, trailing behind him. I held the door open for them.

The older man with the cane, not wanting to slow the younger man down, gestured for him to go on in first. But the younger guy insisted the man with the cane go in first, as I was holding the door open for both of them.

And then the younger man said to the other, “God made time, and there’s plenty of it.”

It was a beautiful and compassionate response to a stranger. And it typifies the attitude people here in Wyoming have. They’re generally laid-back, relaxed, and kind. Even this time of year, they don’t allow themselves to get stressed out over the illusion of lack — they know we all have all the time there is.

Here’s Spirit.


Holidays — whenever and however you celebrate them, and no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs — often create stress, and even sadness, for so many of you.

And yet, what are the holidays? Causes for celebration, are they not? But the causes and the celebrations often get lost in the stress and expectations you create for yourselves.

Let’s take Christmas as an example. We’re using it simply because it’s coming up and it’s an important place on the calendar for many of you. We could just as easily have picked any other holiday or event you celebrate.

What we see happening often at Christmas is, first, a joyous expectation — a time of sharing love, gifts, yourselves with your loved ones.

But then, as the time draws closer, you start wondering if your expectations can be met. You start wondering if what you want to be a time of joyous celebration is going to turn out to be a bummer.

You start wondering if there’s enough time to get everything done. And, for many of you, it just spirals downward from there.

We’ve said this many times over the years. But, at the risk of sounding like the proverbial broken record, we’ll say it again:

You have an abundance of all you want or need, or will ever want or need, literally at your fingertips.

Including time.

We could go on and on about this, but we won’t. Our “bottom line,” if you will, is this:

Live in the moment!

Find the joy in every present moment of your lives. Whether at Christmas, or any other holiday or celebration, or any time at all. Be in the present moment. Enjoy — take joy in — your moment-to-moment experiences. Stop thinking there’s not enough time to do all you want to do.

There’s always enough time, money, loving relationships, good health. The only reason those things often seem scarce to you is you don’t believe there’s enough. And so, for you, there is not enough — you get more of what you think and believe. But if you believe there is enough, there will be enough. And even more than enough.

It’s simply a matter of aligning your energies with those of your higher selves — through meditation, prayer, taking a walk in the woods, watching a sunset, spending time with a dear friend. And so on. Whatever makes you feel good.

When you feel good, you are more fully aligned with your higher selves. And then the appearance of lack, of scarcity, will simply vanish from your awareness. It may not happen overnight. But it will happen.

Then you will wonder why you scarcely noticed the world of abundance all around you.

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