Too Good To Be True by John Cali

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John Cali

The other day, my friend Joe was at my house helping me with some minor household repairs. Since he owns eight rental houses, he’s good at that sort of thing. I’m not.

After we finished, Joe told me of a conversation he’d recently had with his brother Pete. Pete asked Joe how everything was going at his rental properties. “Fine,” Joe replied. “Couldn’t be better. We have good people renting from us, and, lately, no maintenance problems at all. Seems too good to be true.”

Then Joe said to me, “As soon as I said that to Pete, I just knew something would go wrong.”

Sure enough, the next day the kitchen sink in one of Joe’s houses sprung a bad leak.

Why do we humans so often think when our lives are flowing easily, it can’t last? Why do we have such negative expectations? As if the Universe was constantly conspiring against us — and was ready to leap down our throats if we dare to think a good thought.

Here’s Spirit.


We realize how easy it is for you to get swept up in the mass consciousness of negativity. After all, you’re inundated every day of your life with all the bad news, all the things wrong with your world — and yourself.

There is certainly no scarcity of people and organizations happy to point out what’s wrong with you. If you can’t measure up to whatever your society (that is, the mass consciousness) currently defines as “right” or “perfect,” then you are, by definition, a flop — a failure.

You live in a world caught up in a tangled web negative expectations. You always prepare for the worst — for illness, for accidents, for war, for terrorist attacks, and so on.

And you see this on every level — the individual level, as John’s story shows. But also on other levels — your governments, your schools, your churches.

It’s as if no one ever heard the words your Christ uttered:

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.

Well-being is your natural state, just as it’s the natural state of the birds and all wild creatures. It is the state your higher self, the Universe, God have envisioned and intended for you.

Yes, you’ve incarnated into a world of vast diversity. A world where you have many choices and opportunities available to you.

And that’s part of the power and beauty of physical life on Planet Earth — you get to choose from this grand banquet table of opportunities what you will put on your plate.

It doesn’t matter what circumstances you were born into — great poverty or great wealth, or somewhere in-between. You, through your free will, can choose your opportunities. You can choose to improve your lot. Or you can choose to do nothing and stagnate. It’s all your choice.

But well-being is your natural state. And no matter what choices you make in this lifetime, you will ultimately return to that natural state of well-being. You can do it in this lifetime, or the next — it’s all your choice.

Know this however: You do create your realities. You are powerful creators, whether you know it or not.

And so if you have negative expectations, as Joe did, you will create what you don’t want.

Friends, well-being is not “too good to be true.” It’s your natural state of being. Trust that. Expect it. Above all, allow it to come to you.

Then it will be yours.

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