Toxic Teaching by John Cali

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John Cali

One of our friends recently wrote us about the religious teachings she grew up with. She speaks of a “different slant” on creating your own reality. I grew up with that same “different slant.” So I can easily relate to what she said.

Here’s an excerpt from her letter:

In my background is a religious teaching that has a little different slant on creating your own reality. The way it’s taught there is frightening and discouraging, more like “It’s your own fault when anything goes wrong.” Especially for the young and inexperienced, this can be quite toxic.

“Can you and Spirit offer insights to take the fear and blame out of this equation?


It is true you all create your own realities. We teach that, and speak of it often. For there are many humans, if not the majority, who simply cannot or will not grasp that truth.

However, there are different ways of teaching that truth. Some of those ways, to use our friend’s word in her letter, are “toxic.” (An excellent choice of words, by the way.) And there are other ways which are gentler and more aligned with universal laws.

We do not intend here today to criticize your human religions. Nevertheless, some of them do use “toxic teaching” to get their messages across. But then some of your so-called “new age” teachers also indulge in that same sort of thing.

All these teachers are undoubtedly of good intent. And they wish to convey the very powerful truth that all of you create your own realities. We commend that intent.

But you cannot convince people if, on the one hand, you tell them they create their own realities — and then, on the other, you beat them over the head, as it were, when they create something they do not want. That is totally counterproductive.

And you can understand why people presented with that teaching might choose to believe they do not create their own realities. It’s sometimes easier to play the victim than to accept full responsibility for your own life. Easier perhaps, but victimhood will drain the life out of you.

You all came into this lifetime because you, at the soul level, thought it would be a gloriously fun experience. You knew you would find adventures galore in this environment of such wondrous contrasts and diversities.

And so you incarnated, anticipating a happy time of practicing your divine creative powers.

You, at the soul level, knew you would continually make choices, make decisions — and then, often, change those choices and decisions. There are no right or wrong choices. You have never made a mistake.

Sure, you’ve made choices in the past you would not make now, given how you’ve grown since you made those past choices. But that’s all part of the game of life — and games are supposed to be fun.

So anyone (including yourself) who beats up on you for having made “wrong” choices is missing the whole point of life on earth. (And they’re probably missing most of the fun too.)

All is well, friends. You’ve never done anything “wrong.” You cannot lose your soul, and your soul does not need saving. The only “saving” you need is from your own distorted beliefs of what life is truly all about.

Life is good. Everything that is is good. It’s all good! So be joyful and have fun.

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