If you know your true worth, you do not need anyone else to confirm it. ~ Alan Cohen, author of the best-selling The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

Most of us have probably underestimated our true value. After all, our modern world is constantly de-valuing humans. This is especially true if you have the courage to put yourself and your ideas out there for everyone to see.


Johnny grew up in the Roman Catholic Church.

As many in his generation experienced, the Roman church could be pretty harsh and dictatorial. But, in fairness to the church, other religions are the same.

Although the Roman church has grown and become more Christ-like (especially in recent years), many Catholics (and former Catholics) have issues with the religion. Of course, that’s true of other churches too.

It’s also true of other types of organizations—governments, political groups, educational institutions, virtually any organization on your planet today.

The root cause plaguing religions, and other groups, is how they value their members. Or, often, how they devalue them.

The Roman Catholic Church, in Johnny’s experience, often mistreated their members.

By “mistreated’ we mean they did little to nothing to promote what should have been their primary purpose—to remind their members they are God. (In fact, that would have been considered blasphemy back then.)

After all, the churches did their damnedest to convince their members they were lowly sinners. And they did their damnedest to control every aspect of their members’ lives.

The “bottom line,” of course, was about money and power.

All we just said about religion might strike you as overly harsh, even if you, as a young child, grew up in that oppressive environment.

Nontheless, many of you grew up questioning your value as a human being. And, for many, you are still questioning your value.

We want to acknowledge your churches often give you comfort and shelter in dark times. But they also gave you a warped and horribly distorted view of yourselves as “sinners.”

We can pursue this subject another time. But for today, our purpose is to remind you of who you are—which is God and Goddess.

You are powerful beings of light and love. When you remember that, you will never again forget you are God, you are Goddess. You will never again fail to value yourselves—bright and beautiful beings of light and power.

Copyright © 2023 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


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