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The Way of the Warrior


The Way of the Warrior is simple. However, as you have often heard me say, it may be simple but it's not always easy. Today I would like to give you a few of my simple guidelines or "rules of the road," if you will. And that road is the Way of the Warrior.

The Warrior always speaks her truth - no matter what the circumstances.

The Warrior is totally detached from what others think and say about her. (This is absolutely necessary if she's going to observe the first rule above.)

The Warrior always does her best to see the divinity in all that is. In this way, she shall never have any desire to own, control, manipulate, misuse or abuse any of the Great Spirit's creatures.

The Warrior always follows the highest path as dictated by the highest authority in the Universe - herself.

The Warrior totally trusts in - and surrenders to - the flow of her life. She knows all is as it should be. Therefore, she must always completely trust in - and surrender to - her Higher Self, her Soul, the Great Spirit.

The Warrior knows all Love, all Wisdom, all Power lie within her - within her heart, her mind, her body, her Soul. There is nothing to seek, nothing to find, nowhere to go - except WITHIN.

The Warrior knows with absolute certainty she has never make a mistake - she can never make a mistake. All of her life is simply a lesson in this classroom called Planet Earth. She learns as she goes. All is as it should be.

The Warrior never takes life on Planet Earth too seriously. It's all a game, after all - a game in the classroom of Planet Earth. And games should be fun. Enjoy the game - it won't last forever!

The Warrior's heart is always full - and always grateful. She never knows lack or emptiness - except, that is, when she creates those illusions by getting too infatuated with the Great Illusion - the human experience.

The Warrior knows the Great Illusion creates some highly interesting challenges - for example, the challenge to rise above the Great Illusion.

As she rises above the Great Illusion, the Warrior knows this experience is as it should be - she has chosen it. And in this choosing, she is remembering her way back to the Light - back to her Home. That was the only reason for choosing the Great Illusion in the first place.

The Warrior knows all her brothers and sisters on Planet Earth have the same destination she does - HOME. But each may take a different path. And the Warrior knows that's okay! All will get Home - no matter what path they take. It cannot be otherwise - for ALL paths lead HOME.

The Warrior knows the way of the wind. She loves the wind, but she knows she cannot capture it - she cannot own it. She can love it, luxuriate in its presence, glory in its energy. But if she tries to capture it, it becomes something other than what it truly is - it becomes still and stagnant air. She can never possess it completely - unless she refuses to ever own it - unless she refuses to ever have sovereignty over it. She can possess it only by letting it be free - by letting it be what it is.

It cannot be otherwise. The Way of the Warrior is the Way of the Wind.

Here's a beautiful video of The Way of the Warrior.

Copyright © 1996 by John Cali