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After giving private readings for many years, I’ve come to realize many folks don’t understand exactly what spirit guides do. Before I started channelling I did not understand either.

One common misconception is our guides will tell us what to do, what we should or should not do, etc. Remember, they are spirit guides, not spirit instructors.

Spirit guides will not make our decisions for us, accurately predict our future, or in any other way take away our power. That is not their purpose.

Their true purpose is to simply guide us.

Since they are pure spirit they have a broader view of all that is—the universe—than we do from our human perspective. So they will often share that broader view with us, helping us see our challenges and ourselves in a more positive light.

Also they will always—no exceptions—love and support us unconditionally. They are always kind and compassionate. However, they can be firm and direct, though always lovingly. They have a great sense of humor, and will sometimes joke and play with us.

A high spirit guide will never leave us feeling down or depressed. We should feel inspired and uplifted by the guide. If we do not feel that, we need to get out of there! That is not a high spirit guide. (Of course, the same applies to our human relationships—we don’t need to hang on to toxic relationships that drain and deplete our energy.)

Spirit guides always seek to empower us. They often tell people if what they, the guides, say does not resonate with them, or does not agree with their own inner guidance, to just ignore their advice.

The spirit guides unfailingly see us as the radiant, beautiful beings of light we all are. They help us see ourselves the same way—and to love ourselves, and others, as unconditionally as they love us.

That is exactly what spirit guides do.


Sylvia Browne talks about spirit guides in this video:

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We all have spirit guides—are you aware of yours? What do you think is the purpose of spirit guides—yours or anyone else’s? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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