What Is Truth? by John Cali

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John Cali

Spirit and I recently received an interesting letter from a reader. The letter was on an unrelated subject, but the writer raised the issue of truth.

Here is the relevant excerpt:

“You don’t corner the market on truth. You offer much in your letters that is flawed, but tolerable in recognition of the fact that it is all a part of your path, your growth.”

Neither Spirit nor I have ever said our truth is “the” truth. In fact, quite the opposite.

Spirit in particular has always said there is no absolute truth. What is true for one may be false for another. Since we all create our own realities, we also all create our own truth.

And I, of course, do not agree with the writer that much of what we offer in our newsletters is “flawed.” I’m guessing what the writer probably meant by “flawed” was her truth was different from ours. Which is the whole point of this week’s newsletter.

Here are Spirit’s thoughts.


What a question!

If there was no such thing as truth, your world would be a virtual paradise on earth.


Well, think back on your human history. In fact, you do not have to go very far back. Yesterday, or even today, would suffice.

Nearly all the problems and dramas and traumas you, as a human race and as different nations of the planet, are experiencing can be traced directly to your different, often conflicting, views of what truth is.

In your Bible, Pontius Pilate asked the very pregnant question, “What is truth?”

And we ask the same question of you today. What is truth?

Many of you live joyous, abundant lives. Lives unencumbered by sickness, poverty, lousy relationships, and so on. And many of you do not.

The logical conclusion to that very obvious fact is that sickness, for example, is one person’s experience, her truth–and wellness is another person’s experience, his truth.

If you have AIDS, that’s your truth, at least for the moment. If you enjoy perfect health, that also is your truth.

Do you see what we’re getting at here?

Each human being’s experience is unique, special–and sacred. Regardless of how you view the life of another–whether you approve or disapprove of that life–you must ultimately acknowledge that it’s all okay!

You are all unique in your human form, though you are also one in spirit. So in your human form you all create unique experiences, unique realities. And you do create your realities.

Nowhere is it written you must all create the same realities. Nowhere is it written you must all have the same truth. Oh, we realize some humans have written down “truths” they say all must accept. But those are not universal truths. They are simply the truths of those persons.

The key here is nonjudgement. The key here is allowing others to be who they are. The key here is to allow others to simply be.

You will all reach the place of nonjudgement sooner or later, one way or another. So why not do it now?

No other beings, even those espousing a belief, a “truth” you find intolerable, or even hateful, can have any power over you unless you give it to them.

It is only your excessive attention to, your obsession with, the differences among you that obscure the ways you are all the same. There are far more samenesses among you humans than there are differences. And it doesn’t matter how any of you define truth in your own lives.

You will find peace in your personal lives, and in your planetary lives, only when you can tell yourself–and feel the power of the words–all is well. All is as it should be.

That is the ultimate truth.

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