What Makes You Happy? by John Cali

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Everybody wants to be happy — right? But have you ever just taken some quiet time and seriously thought about what makes you happy, really happy? I did during the recent holiday season.

John Cali

I was chatting with an old friend the other day, and our conversation drifted around to a long-time friend of his — someone I also know.

My friend’s friend retired at a relatively young age, and is a multi-millionaire. But he was having some serious problems with family and other relationships. He was totally stressed out and depressed.

So his doctor put him on Prozac, an antidepressant.

My friend said to me, “See, money doesn’t make you happy.”

To which I replied, “Neither does Prozac.”

Here’s Spirit.


That’s the eternal question — What makes you happy? The human race has asked that question forever, and it echoes down through the ages.

So many of you seek happiness in so many places — money, lovers, homes, friends, your bodies, your jobs, and so on.

Those are certainly worthy goals, and we will not say there is anything wrong with them. After all, you incarnated in your current physical bodies because you, at the soul level, thought you might have some fun here.

But often we see so many of you, having not quite manifested your dreams, losing heart, getting stressed out, plunging into depression. You’ve lost the joy of life you carried within you as an infant, as a little child. As you grew into adulthood, you forgot life is supposed to be fun.

The infants, the young children don’t need money, friends, homes, toys, etc. to be happy. They are happy just because they are. Being who they are is their only requirement for happiness.

And that is also your only requirement.

Happiness is an inside job. You won’t find it in dollars, in lovers, in drugs. In fact, you won’t find it in anything or anyone outside yourselves.

Just be who you are — those glorious gods and goddesses in human bodies. And then when you are truly happy just being yourselves, magic begins to happen. The Universe begins to deliver to you all you’ve asked for — money, lovers, friends, houses, jobs. Whatever you want starts flowing to you easily and effortlessly.

Most of you have this process of manifestation backwards. You get happy first, even if you don’t have anything you want. And then all you want will come to you. It must come to you.

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