Why Am I Here? by John Cali

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That’s a universal question, echoing down through the ages. Many of us continue asking it today. It’s one of the most common questions Spirit and I get in personal readings.

John Cali

One of my favorite newspaper columnists, writers, and humorists is Art Buchwald. As many of you probably know, he died last week. After spending several months in a hospice early last year, in July he decided to leave and get on with what was left of his life.

His doctors had predicted he couldn’t possibly last as long as he did. As he humorously put it, “I am known in the hospice as The Man Who Wouldn’t Die.”

Art was light-hearted and funny till the very end. Even while preparing to die, he said “. . . in case you’re wondering, I’m having a swell time — the best time of my life.” He told his friends “I just don’t want to die the same day Castro dies.” He even wrote a farewell column, asking that it be published after his death.

As he speculated on life after death, he said the existence of heaven and hell was possible, and people should believe in them if it gives comfort. But for himself, he noted “I have no idea where I’m going but here’s the real question: What am I doing here in the first place?”

Here’s Spirit.


We are keenly aware of all of you. We understand your question: Why am I here? It’s an excellent question. In fact, we would say it’s one of the two most important questions you can ask.

Before you incarnated you knew exactly why you were coming here. As a little child, you knewexactly why you had come here. As an adult, you haven’t got a clue.

Well, that’s not entirely true — many of you do have a clue. But it’s still not a clear clue. You’re beginning to get a glimpse — a faint remembering — of what you once knew and embraced so powerfully.

All of you who have chosen to incarnate on your Mother Earth at this time — particularly at this time in your human history — made that choice wisely and deliberately. We applaud your courage and wisdom.

All of you here on the planet today are here by choice. Acknowledging that is the first step.

The second step is acknowledging there’s a reason you are here. Your current lifetimes are not an “accident” — not a “coincidence” — not some freak of nature. You, at the soul level, chose this lifetime.

You are all angels in disguise. Some better disguised than others. But angels nevertheless.

You came — all of you — to this current lifetime because you wanted to contribute to the growth and expansion of all that is. You are all magnificent creators — gods and goddesses in human bodies.

Every thought you think, every act you do, every move you make contributes to the growth and well-being of your fellow humans, your planet, the universe, all that is.

So even if you consider yourselves and your lives insignificant, know this: You are making a difference. You are powerful beyond your wildest imaginings.

It’s all about growth. You are growing. Your fellow humans are growing. Your planet is growing. Your universe is growing.

Growth is the name of the game. You are here to grow. You really don’t have any choice but to grow. You cannot not grow. It’s impossible.

But you also came here to grow with joy. At least that was your souls’ intent. You just forgot that.

And now it’s time to remember. The purpose of your lives is joy. That is why you are here.

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