You and Your Soul by John Cali

John Cali

We received an intriguing question from one of our readers recently. Here it is:

Having given this quite a bit of thought, I am still unable to grasp what part our soul plays in our earthly experience.

Can you shed some light on this?


First of all, friends, it’s important for us, at the outset here, to get clear on the relationship between you and your soul.

Your soul decided, before you incarnated into this lifetime, the where, the how, the who, etc. Your soul chose the circumstances into which you would incarnate — your parents, your country, your environment, your family, etc.

Your soul did not predestine you to a life of poverty, for example, or a life of wealth, or a life of perfect health, or a life of devastating illness, and so on. Your soul only chose the general circumstances it, in its infinite wisdom, deemed the absolute best arena in which you could exercise your divine creative powers.

Your soul knows you better than you know yourself. And so it picked the perfect environment for your incarnation in this lifetime. Your soul knew, in that perfect environment, you — if you chose — could catapult yourself into the highest vibrations while still in your physical body.

No matter what circumstances you were born into — sad, tragic, poverty-stricken or happy, joyful, abundant — your soul knew those circumstances were perfect for you.

Of course, there’s the little matter of free will here. You, in your human life, have complete freedom to choose anything and everything you want. No matter where you started from in this lifetime, you can choose a joyful physical life, or you can choose a less than joyful physical life.

Where we’re going with all this is this simple truth:

You and your soul are one. It has always been so, and so it will forever be.

Your soul is there with you in every present moment of your physical life. It loves you, adores you, cares for you, watches over you for all of your life.

It is there for you when you need guidance, when you need love, when you need comfort, when you need — well, when you need you.

Your soul is your guardian angel and loves you far more than we can convey to you with these words.

Once you have acknowledged who you really are — this grand and glorious god/goddess in human form — your life will become so easy and effortless. You will wonder why it ever had to be so hard.

Life is not hard, except when you make it so. Life is supposed to be fun and joy-filled. That’s what your soul wants for you.

You are simply a physical extension of that eternal part of yourself — your soul.

You and your soul are never separated. You are bound together eternally. It is only when you forget who you truly are that you get into difficulty.

But when you remember who you truly are, all difficulties, all problems resolve themselves and vanish. That’s because you and your soul have once again become the eternal partners and lovers you have always been.


What are your thoughts – do you have a soul or are you a soul? Please share with us below.

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12 Responses

  1. Ed

    Dear John:

    Once again the message is grand and rings true. The more we connect with our souls, the more loving and joyous our lives become. This love we feel for ourselves, spreads out into our society, which helps it heal. So the ripple effects of connecting with our souls make it a truly magical time for all.

    Love & light,


  2. Patricia

    Dear John,
    Sometimes I feel like your spirit circle and mine are very connected as you often speak of the very topics I am focused upon. I Am Personality with Soul! This was a powerful message my Presence gave to me when I was sick and going through depression 15 years ago. I have had to unwrap my Self out of the conditioned religious and cultural blanket I was wrapped in to set myself free with the very truth you share today. What a wonderful message this is and I continue to marvel at the Spirit that lives in all things and speaks to us all ways. Soul truly is a magical part of us and I am sure that is part of the reason the teachings to cover this up has occurred. But are we not blessed to be living in the times of the great unveiling of Truth.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Patricia, for sharing. We certainly are blessed to be living in this exciting time of awakening. It’s a painful time for many. But, as my spirit guides often say, “All paths lead home.”

  3. Shirl

    Absolutely! We can never be separated from the soul that we are. Truly, many religions and philosophies have misunderstood or purposely mislead this understanding.

    I am that I am and ever shall be. . .only more so. (Big Smile)

    Loves, Hugs and blessings

  4. Cristina

    If we are souls in phisical form how can our souls be with us?

  5. Stephanie

    What an amazingly PERFECT description of the eternal and loving relationship we have with our SOUL.

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