Is happiness an impossible dream? Many humans believe it is. But as Abraham Lincoln said, Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.


If you believe what the world teaches you about happiness, you’ll never be happy. Certainly not all the time. Probably not even most of the time.

The world and its so-called leaders are not the ones to help you be happy. YOU are the only person who can make you happy. No one else, ever!

You will never find happiness in riches, fancy possessions, power, prestige, etc.—all the meaningless “trinkets” of happiness the world says you need.

True happiness comes only from one place—within. It is never “out there.”

We know we’ve said this many times over many years. But you have within you all you need or will ever need.

Within you is the power of God, Goddess—the power that has created universes from the beginning of time.

Think about that. How often do you consider yourselves Gods or Goddesses, divine beings in human form?

Probably not often. Maybe not ever.

Friends, when you can see yourselves as we in the realms of Spirit see you, you will be amazed. You are powerful creators of everything you experience in your physical lives. Everything! 

By acknowledging who you truly are and the powers you truly possess, you will create, but not by default.

What does that mean? It means you can create deliberatelyif you remember who you are—the great creator you are.

In failing to recognize yourselves, you still create all your experiences, but you do it blindly.

When you travel the road of life blindly, you still create—but often what you do not want. That means you usually create lives of sadness, powerlessness, unhappy relationships. etc. etc. You do not create the happiness you desire and deserve.

As children of God, Goddess, you deserve it all—all the “good stuff” life has to offer you. But you have to acknowledge, and know you are God, Goddess.

That is the “secret” to happiness. It’s not really a secret. You were born to be happy. It’s your birthright. It’s there for the taking. But you have to reach out and grab it.

Do it. Do it now. You deserve to be happy.

You will find true happiness, but not in the world “our there,” but in the world “in here.” That is where your power lies. With that power you will create all you want, all you have ever wished for.

That includes all the “trinkets” of your world, all the riches and wealth of the world. You hold it all in your hands. Remember you are God, you are Goddess.

Copyright © 2023 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


In this short talk,the great spiritual teacher Sadhguru offers a thought-provoking perspective of happiness.

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