Your Life’s Purpose by John Cali

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John Cali

Over the many years Spirit and I have been doing personal readings, I’ve been able to clearly group the questions we get asked into just a few categories.

But the common thread running through all those categories is this question:

What is my life’s purpose?

We live in a world today filled to overflowing with chaos and confusion. There are many voices crying in the wilderness our world has become. A wilderness of often conflicting voices.

Many of those voices are urging us to follow their paths. And that urging takes many forms, from gentle persuasion to vicious violence.

You don’t need me to give you the details. If you follow the mainstream news media, you already know the details.

Is it any wonder so many humans are confused and torn? Is it any wonder, in their confusion and pain, they are constantly crying out that poignant question:

What is my life’s purpose? Please tell me!

Here’s Spirit.


You all came to this lifetime to be conscious, deliberate creators of your life experiences.

But your specific creations in this lifetime were in no way predestined or predetermined. Not even by your soul or higher self. And certainly not by any “higher power.”

The purpose of your life is to freely and joyously create whatever you want. But, at the same time, to remain fully aware of your intimate bond with that higher, wiser, grander You.

Not many adult humans remember the truth of those words. As John said, you certainly do live in a world of much confusion and chaos. But that world is also one of deep, often harshly stark, contrasts. And that is not a bad thing.

For it is from this vast sea of contrast you get to choose what you want — and also what you do not want. Only in knowing clearly what you do not want can you ever know what you do want.

You, at your soul level, know all of this. You, at your human level, knew all of this when you first incarnated.

But then you forgot. You became immersed in your world of many disparate voices. And you forgot what your life’s purpose was.

That purpose was to sift through all the wondrous contrast those confused voices were presenting you with — and to pick and choose only those parts that felt good to you. And then to take those parts and craft this marvelous creation of your physical experience.

This, from your soul’s perspective, was meant to be a game. It was meant to be fun.

Obviously, however, life is anything but fun for most humans. Does that mean they have failed?

Not at all.

They have just lost their way. Are they forever lost or doomed?

Not at all.

This particular lifetime is just one small part of their journey. And that journey will always lead them back home to themselves — to their souls.

It may take many lifetimes for some. But each lifetime is a grand opportunity for remembering — for remembering who they are — goddesses and god, each and every one.

So let us end this discussion today on this note:

Life is a game. Life is supposed to be fun. You are not supposed to take it too seriously. And, above all, you are supposed to find joy in every present moment of every lifetime.

And all of that will so easy and effortless once you remember who you truly are.

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