John Cali was born into a Roman Catholic family of Sicilian immigrants in western New York State. As a child, he would occasionally be visited by spirits. Though he didn’t understand what was happening at the time. In fact, it sometimes scared him. There was no one in his family or church who could help him. It scared them too.

In the early 1980s John took a spiritual development course, and was introduced to his first spirit guides, Lydia and Michael. After they arrived, two other guides also came to him: Tamarra and Joseph.

The entire group is really a multidimensional collective consciousness. John refers to them simply as “Spirit.”

At first John worked only privately with his guides. The guides eventually urged him to “go public.” He did so, but reluctantly. First it was just a small circle of close family and friends. Then to a larger circle, until it’s grown to what it is today.

It was not an easy journey in the beginning. But it was fun and fulfilling, and it still is. More importantly, though, this journey has brought many people (including John) closer to remembering who they really are, and why they are here.

It’s helped them know they are spirit beings in human form. And to rejoice in that knowing. As John and the group often remind people, “You are God.”

In June 2003 Berna was searching the internet for websites with wisdom of the Native Americans. She found this site and subscribed immediately.

After that something strange occurred: she had to think about John all the time while she did not know anything about him!

Through the years Berna and John were in touch with each other occasionally.

Although both felt  a deep connection, they kept living their separate lives.

It took over 16 years before they met each other in person. And now they live and work together every day, sharing the same passion and goal.

If you’d like to know Berna better, please have a look here.