Tuning In Book Cover

John Cali

Many of you will remember David Thomas’ movie, Tuning In, released several years ago. After he released the movie, David wrote a book, Tuning In: A Journalist. 6 Trance Channelers and Messages from the Other Side.

There is now a French translation of the book. I know not all of you read French. But if you do you might want to take a look at the book.

There’s also a second French translation. It’s a collection of 300 quotations from the original book.

Below is David’s introduction to the original Tuning In book, published March 1, 2011.

David Thomas

I embarked on making the documentary “Tuning In” three years ago with the sole (and soul) intent of spreading the profound messages of six amazing channelers. The process was a delight, the finished product well-received. That’s where I assumed the journey would end.

But the wise Universe had other plans. Seemingly ‘out of the blue,’ I was contacted by Deepak Chopra’s literary agent who said she thought an expanded version of the film would make a fine book. Of course I had no problem agreeing with her.

After writing a proposal, she took the cow to market and we got a deal with Hampton Roads, the publishing house that gave the world all those wonderful Conversations With God books. So I plunked myself down at the keyboard and wrote. You will be able to read this tome beginning March 1 via bookstores and Amazon.

The book features the complete transcripts of the six interviews I did with Geoffrey Hoppe (and his counterpart Tobias), Lee Carroll (Kryon), Darryl Anka (Bashar), Wendy Kennedy (Pleiadian Collective), John Cali (Spirit) and Shawn Randall (Torah). Most of the book is comprised of these Q and As, but it also tells of my own path: how I discovered channeling, how my journey progressed, and the adventure of making the movie.

It’s quite a powerful and profound read. I thought you might want to get a taste for yourself, so excerpts follow. And I also wanted to mention that the sequel to “Tuning In,” with seven new channelers and all new topics, will be available beginning February 10th at tuninginmovie.com.

From the book intro:

“As our evolution speeds up, as we in a sense ascend, the veil between our physical existence and the spirit world thins. Before we incarnated, we asked our non-physical friends to remind us of who we really are and to keep us on track in this tricky arena of duality. That is why more and more spirit channelers are popping up all over the globe because we have asked for help in navigating the age we have entered, which some have termed “The Great Shift.” There is a silent revolution of consciousness afoot, and more channeled information is a part of it. We are evolving quickly and spirits are coming through to offer guidance, advice, and unconditional love from a broader perspective. With our once-robust economy now anemic and many people feeling downtrodden, confused, and scared, such information couldn’t be more timely.”

From Tobias:

“I’m going to simplify this for you. And perhaps some may think the answer is a bit terse, but: just get over it. You’re wallowing in your own self-pity, you’ve set up an energy of being a victim. A victim of life, a victim of other people. You’re allowing them to steal your energy and to steal your heart and your consciousness. You’re in a type of trap, and you’re letting it happen. You decide one day when you’re getting out of bed or one night when you’re taking a walk that you’re just going to get over it. You’re going to stop letting others take from you, and you’re going to stop taking from other people as well. You’re going to be whole and sovereign. It is truly that simple.

From Bashar:

“Passion, excitement, joy, love, that sensation in the body, that excitement in the body, that sense of balance and peace in the body, is the body’s physical translation of the vibratory frequency that represents your true, natural, core, original self. The self you were actually created by creation to be.”

From Kryon:

“Magnificent, all of you. My definition of God are the ones I sit in front of. You want God to be one thing, for you are in 3D. You want to worship God, for you are in 3D. I tell you this: The day you start suppressing what you’ve been told and opening the door to what God really is, in will come God, and it’ll have your face on it.

From the Pleiadian Collective:

“From the higher perspective, you know, pain serves its purpose. It is a catalyst for change because if you were happy and content all the time you probably wouldn’t move, would you? No. So it serves as a catalyst, and we will tell you pain is perception, nothing more.”

From Torah:

“So the Law of Attraction has been oversimplified and we would suggest that it’s far more intricate than it’s often made out to be in its more popular version these days. So we always say to people, ‘Okay, Law of Attraction, it’s a wonderful thing, but go deeper, look farther, understand the complexity of what frequency is all about. Understand the complexity of your own consciousness and your subconscious agendas, your subconscious beliefs. Understand them and if some of them need changing, set about to change them.'”

From Spirit:

“So anytime you’re doing anything that does not feel good to you, or that does not resonate with you even if it is a job that’s paying you thousands, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, if it’s something you really dislike, you’re doing yourself a great disservice and you’re distancing yourself more and more from your higher self. You can’t disconnect from your higher self, but you can certainly get out of alignment from your higher self, and that’s what’s happening with so many people today.”

And some of my own conclusions:

“None of the channeled entities are more powerful than we are. Let’s be clear: we are making it possible to have heaven on Earth, though since we are in the embryonic stages it perhaps doesn’t exactly seem like nirvana just yet. Our non-physical friends have answered our call to remind us of who we really are, yes, but we are the ones who are melding flesh and spirit, that are becoming human lighthouses. We are realizing all our self-imposed prisons have only shadows for bars.

“The New Game has begun and this time we play nicer. The future is a blank page, and for not much longer will we dip our pens into blood-filled inkwells. This time, this glorious time on this glorious gift of a planet, we write in light.”


In summary, here are the links for the Tuning In film and 3 books:

Film: Tuning In movie

Original book in English: Tuning In: A Journalist. 6 Trance Channelers and Messages from the Other Side.

French translation of the original book: Tuning in: De Bashar à Kryon, six grands channels d’aujourd’hui

French translation of 300 quotations from the book: Tuning in: L’Essentiel en 300 pensées