A Magical Place by John Cali

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In these newsletters I’ve occasionally talked about the beauty of my Wyoming home. It truly is a magical place. But there’s magic in every place, no matter where we live or travel.

John Cali

I’ve written before about the beautiful foothills above my little town where I go running almost every day.

From those hills you get a spectacular view of the town and the big valley stretching far beyond it.

The mountains surrounding the valley glisten with a golden-amber light I’ve rarely seen in other places. In summer the fragrant sage shares its heady aroma with all creatures great and small. In winter the valley light at sunset is otherworldly. The whole place basks in the golden glow of the sun’s final rays.

The Big Horn mountains to the east are resplendent in their sparkling coat of new-fallen snow. The rugged Absaroka Mountains to the west radiate that special power and glory you find only in the high places.

The whole place glows with light and life. And I know all is well. It’s truly a magical place.

We all need to find our own special magical place.

Here’s Spirit.


You all have this longing within your hearts to find that special magical place. We realize many of you are not living in the places you consider ideal. But no matter where you live, there is magic there.

You won’t find that magic by looking at the things you do not like. But you will find it if you look for it. It’s not difficult. The most difficult part is first accepting there is magic and beauty all around you. Second, know you will find it if you only open the eyes of your hearts.

We’ve talked many times about All That Is — which you may prefer to call God or Goddess or Great Spirit. But whatever name you use, it’s that divine energy, that power which created the Universe, and continues to create and re-create it.

God is All That Is, literally. There is nothing ugly or unloving about God. You are part of God. All your experiences in this lifetime, everything and everyone that have ever been a part of your lives — these are all part of God, part of All That Is.

We realize some of your human experiences have not been easy for you. You may find some places not to your liking. You may find some people not to your liking.

But there is beauty everywhere, in everything, in everyone, in every experience you have ever had. You are all one. It cannot be otherwise. When you accept that, you will be amazed by all the beauty around you. And you will wonder where it always was.

Most of all, we want you to find the beauty within yourselves. When you begin to glimpse that beauty, you will begin to see it in everyone, in every experience.

As you connect with your own inner beauty, you will grow by quantum leaps. Then you will find beauty everywhere, even in those experiences your human eyes consider undesirable or even tragic. You will be surrounded, inundated with beauty.

Then you will have found your own special magical place. It’s always been there, right there in your hearts. You just didn’t remember.


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