A New Beginning by John Cali

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John Cali

I was pacing back and forth in my office today, wondering what the next newsletter would be about. I often start the weekly process by choosing a topic first, and then a title. After that, Spirit and I create the content.

As I was pacing, Spirit suddenly “popped in” (as often happens when I’m wondering what to do) and suggested the title–A New Beginning.

“Well,” I said to myself, “that’s appropriate. After all, this is our first newsletter of the New Year 2004. And we’re publishing it on the first day of 2004.”

And so I got to thinking about my life and about new beginnings. There’ve been many times over the years when I’ve yearned for a new beginning, a fresh start, a “tabula rasa”–a clean slate.

My “mistakes” would be obliterated and I would forge ahead unencumbered by my past. (Although, as many of you know, Spirit always says there are no mistakes.)

I just wanted to forget the past and start anew.

Have you ever felt that way?

Here’s Spirit.


You often hunger for a new beginning in your lives–a place where you can start anew, and with no past “baggage” weighing you down.

That desire, that yearning is a most commendable one.

You celebrate the new year in various ways and at various times in your human cultures. And that also is most commendable.

It always feels good, doesn’t it, when you have a new beginning? A place from which you can launch all your desires and dreams. A place from which you feel energized and empowered.

But what usually happens after that new year’s celebration? You know the answer as well as we do. Often, the desires and dreams gradually fade, and soon they are but a dim and distant memory, all but forgotten.

And then another new year celebration comes along. And again you feel excited and exhilarated, positive and passionate about the future. And then, after the celebration–well, you know how it all goes–you know the litany.

What if we told you that you could feel the excitement, the passion, the joy of the new year more than once a year? Would you be interested in hearing about it?

Your lives were never meant to be static and unchanging. You did not come to this lifetime to achieve one goal–whatever that may mean to you–and then to bask in the achievement for the rest of your days.

Life is not a destination. It’s a journey. And you will never be done with that journey. There is no destination. Not in this life, not in any of your other lives, physical or nonphysical.

Your journey is your destination.

You’ll never get it done. And that is the beauty and glory of you and your life path. Since you never get it done, you cannot get it wrong. There are no mistakes. There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. And, most of all, there is nothing wrong. There is nothing right. It all just is.

And it’s all supposed to be fun. So enjoy the journey.

You have more chances at new beginnings than you have ever imagined.

New beginnings don’t happen just once a year. Every day, when you awaken from your slumber, you have a new beginning.

If you awoke every morning and refused to dwell, even for a brief moment, on anything from your past that did not feel good, you could launch yourself into the most deliriously happy day you have ever known.

Each sunrise can be a new beginning for you. At each sunrise, look only forward–and feel the joy, the passion your soul, your higher self, feels at every moment of eternity.

Every time you breathe in and breathe out is a new beginning. Every breath in and every breath out is a new beginning. You are literally not the same being from one breath to the next. The cells in your body are refreshed, renewed, revitalized with every breath you take. You literally die with every out-breath. And you are born again with every in-breath. Every breath is a new beginning.

It is only your insistence on dwelling in the past that keeps you there. In every present moment you have the opportunity to begin your life anew–fresh, clean, and pure as a newborn babe.

So do you want a new beginning? Then look only to your next breath. And live the joy of that new beginning. Immerse yourself in the pleasure and passion of it.

Know, beyond all doubt or question, you are truly and literally reborn with each breath. And you can create whatever reality you want from that glorious new beginning.

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