A Sight To Behold, Part 2 by John Cali

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You sent us some excellent questions and comments on our newsletter article, “A Sight To Behold” from November 28. So this week we’re doing a follow-up to that article. If you missed it or want to re-read it, here it is.

John Cali

First an excerpt from Spirit’s original “A Sight To Behold.”

Your bodies know how to heal themselves. They have a consciousness — every cell within them has a consciousness of its own. That consciousness is always — always — moving toward perfect balance, perfect healing, wholeness….

….health, physical well-being, balance is your body’s natural state. It you get out of its way, it can and will return to that state of perfect health, often quickly. Those events you usually call “miracles.”

Here’s another excerpt, this from Spirit’s Inter-dimensional Traveling, Part 2.

Friends, in the “greater” reality, there is no time. Certainly not linear time. Linear time is simply a tool you have created to help you understand your human experience. Time is onlythat, nothing more.

To take this to the next level, everything that has ever existed still exists. Everything that exists now will always exist. Everything that exists in what you call the future exists now.

In one simple sentence, time and everything that was, is, will be are simultaneous. They all exist now, in the eternal now.

Spirit’s comments are relatively brief today, but they put a “slant” on the subject of healing I don’t remember from any of our other articles over the years. I hope you’ll find it as fascinating as I do.

Here’s Spirit.


John quoted our remarks about everything — past, present, future — existing now. Today we’ll take that one step farther.

Everything you’ve ever wanted or imagined came into being the moment you wanted or imagined it. Everything! That’s how powerful you are — all of you. You always manifest your desires instantly.

However, the obstacle you often face is you do not experience that instant manifestation. Often it’s delayed in your experience, or perhaps it never comes at all in this lifetime.

Nevertheless it exists forever from the moment you desired or imagined it.

So if you have a physical condition — an illness, a dis-ease, any condition you do not want — it vanishes from your greater being the moment you “wish it away.” But not necessarily yet in your current physical experience.

Perfect health is not a state you have to achieve, or regain, or deserve.

It’s a state that exists now once you’ve set out your desire. You can experience that state now — instantly. It’s all a matter of focus.

So healing is not about “curing” dis-ease. It’s only about shifting your focus back to what you want — back to perfect balance, perfect equilibrium, perfect health.

All that perfection exists now — from the instant you knew you wanted it. The Universe created it instantly for you.

Now it’s up to you to let it in, to allow it to come to you. It will come. It must come.

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