A Sight To Behold by John Cali

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We’re sort of following in the “footsteps” of last week’s newsletter and making this week’s article also a bit out of the ordinary. If you missed last week, read it here.

John Cali

I’ve been nearsighted (can’t see at a distance) all my life. So I’ve always needed glasses (and, later, contact lenses). It was very dangerous for me to drive a car without my glasses. Not to mention illegal.

One sparkling spring morning in 1994, I awoke to a brilliant blue sky filled with warm sunshine. I was enchanted. So enchanted, it turned out, I forgot to put in my contact lenses.

An hour or so later, as I was driving to an appointment, I reached the main highway at end of my road. That’s when I remembered I forgot to put in my contact lenses. And yet I could see everything clearly, near and far. My eyesight was 20/20 — perfect! Without glasses or contact lenses! For the first time in my life!

It lasted the whole day. It truly was a sight to behold.

The next day, my eyes were back to “normal.”

Until now, nearly fourteen years later, I never thought to ask Spirit what happened that day.

Here’s Spirit.


All of you have experiences like the one John just described. Except they are not always as obvious, and you do not remember them as vividly as he remembers this particular experience.

At that point in his life John was deeply interested in being able to live without glasses or contact lenses. And so the Universe and his body responded perfectly to his focus. Then, as he said, he went an entire day with perfect, uncorrected vision.

Friends, your physical bodies are such magnificent mechanisms. We think many of you simply don’t appreciate your bodies, and their healing abilities, enough. You even deny your bodies can heal themselves. In that denial, you have made the medical professionals very rich.

We are not criticizing or judging the medical professionals among you. They serve a most valuable purpose. Without them, many of you would not last as long in your physical bodies as you do.

But our point here today is this — mark it well:

The greatest healer you have is your own physical body. Period!

Your bodies know how to heal themselves. They have a consciousness — every cell within them has a consciousness of its own. That consciousness is always — always — moving toward perfect balance, perfect healing, wholeness.

It’s only when you get in your body’s way that it cannot function as it was intended to, in its natural way.

This may sound radical — and we know many disagree with us. But your bodies are entirely capable of fully recovering from any illness or dis-ease you can imagine, no matter how long-standing. Even so-called “terminal” illness.

So what’s our point here today?

Simply this: health, physical well-being, balance is your body’s natural state. It you get out of its way, it can and will return to that state of perfect health, often quickly. Those events you usually call “miracles.”

It is entirely within your reach to physically die at an advanced “old” age in a state of perfect health. That indeed will be a sight to behold.


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