A Time To Celebrate by John Cali

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John Cali

Some of you know I live in northwestern Wyoming just outside the USA’s Yellowstone National Park. My little town is in the Big Horn Basin, which is actually a huge valley between the Big Horn Mountains on the east and the Absaroka Mountains on the west.

Last Saturday night the weather turned cold, and the famous (or infamous, depending on your viewpoint) Wyoming wind howled all night long. In the morning I awoke to a hushed landscape.

The wind had calmed, and the mountains and valley were covered with a bright and beautiful blanket of freshly fallen snow. Even though it was only October 24, it was a winter wonderland. Winter comes early in this high country.

But I love winter. It’s my favorite season. Although, since we have readers all over world, I know for many of you this time of year is the advent of spring and summer.

Anyway, the snow reminded me of the upcoming holiday season. Thanksgiving (in the USA) comes next month. And then, of course, Christmas in December. Since I can first remember, I’ve always loved those two holidays, especially Christmas.

I’m no longer a Christian in any traditional sense. But my large Italian family always made a big deal of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have many warm and wonderful memories of growing up in that loving, nurturing environment.

Whether you celebrate either of those two days or not, this certainly is a time of celebration for many. And for me, at this point in my life, every day is a time to celebrate. But November and December are special because many folks besides me are also in a celebrating mood. But not everyone.

This year I’ll spend Thanksgiving and Christmas alone. My son and daughter-in-law are in Africa for a couple of years. And most of the rest of my family is back in the eastern USA, about 2,000 miles away. Also, I have work commitments which will keep me in Wyoming this holiday season. But I will be going back East in early January for a belated holiday celebration with my family.

I will still find great joy in this season, alone or not. But many others, even those not alone, will find the holidays a depressing and stressing time. Several of my family often say they can’t wait until December 26 when it will all be over.

For them, this is clearly not a time to celebrate.


Every day, every moment of every day, is a time to celebrate. A time to celebrate your life. This is an exciting time to be alive on your planet.

Even though it seems, in some ways, your world is falling apart at the seams, as it were, this is a really great opportunity for you, the spiritually aware, to celebrate.

First of all–you’ve heard us say this many times–life is supposed to be fun. You’re supposed to be having a good time. Life is a party, a game. Parties and games are supposed to be fun!

There has never been a better time to party or to have fun on your planet than there is right now. The energies have intensified to the point where everything is manifesting faster and faster.

So be careful where you put your focus. Because, the next thing you know, the Universe will plop down right into your lap exactly what you’ve focused on.

This is all good–it’s all good! Compared to even a few years ago, your manifestations are now happening at lightning speed. You are all moving back into the light, into the remembering, of who you really are.

That is a cause for celebration. Let the upcoming holiday season, whether you normally celebrate it or not, be a reminder to you that life is all about celebration.

A celebration, first of all, of yourselves, and the glorious goddesses and gods you are. A celebration of all the good in your lives.

Yes, we realize you won’t find much good in your mainstream society’s way of thinking and being and doing. But the good is there. And it’s becoming more and more apparent, despite what you may see in your news media.

This truly is a time of wondrous change and growth on your planet. A quantum leap, if you will, back toward the light, toward home.

So find something to celebrate every day of your lives, every present moment of your days.

All is well. All is as it should be. This is truly a time to celebrate.

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