A Weird Week by John Cali

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This past week was a strange time here in Wyoming. But, as it turned out, it wasn’t just in Wyoming.

John Cali

Last Friday morning the weather forecast predicted a little snow, not unusual for March here in northwestern Wyoming — about an inch, the forecast said.

Well, it snowed and snowed and snowed all day and well into the night. Saturday morning we had over a foot of the white stuff sitting on the ground. In all the years I’ve lived in Wyoming, we’ve never had that much snow all at once — in the surrounding mountains, yes — but never here in the valley.

Saturday morning I received an email from my good friend Mikala St. Germain. Following are her email and my response.


Good Morning,

This may sound strange (when don’t I?), but something changed during the night in major energy-global-shifts. I woke this a.m. surrounded by the most peaceful energy. And this serene energy is filled with a youthful, powerful, “I can do anything” energy as well. I feel like the whole world climbed a mountain and finally crossed over the top.

I know this isn’t a detailed explanation, but are you feeling this?


My reply:

Well, I certainly felt something this morning, and also during the night the couple of times I woke up. The air was filled with an eerie silence, very calm and peaceful and yet — as you said — very powerful. This morning it’s incredible. There’s been no wind, in itself unusual, and all the snow we have just enhances that entire feeling. I think you’re right on target — there’s been some kind of major energy shift. I don’t understand it, but it feels really good to me.


And now here’s Spirit.


Friends, you live in changing times. You’ve heard us say that before.

And they’re changing swiftly, often with blinding speed. There has never been a time in the entire history of your planet when there have been such massive changes in your physical realities, such massive shifts in your consciousness and your energies.

And it ain’t stopping here! It’s gonna continue at an accelerating rate.

We realize that may sound ominous to many of you. But it is not ominous. It is not something to fear. It is a cause to celebrate. A time to rejoice. And certainly a time to do whatever it takes to remember who you really are. A time to remember why you are here. A time to remember you are part of all that is. A time to remember you are part of God. A time to remember you areGod.

We realize many of the changes, the dramas, the seeming disasters your planet is experiencing right now, appear absolutely horrible to many of you. It seems your world and its peoples have lost it — they’re absolutely nuts!

But from our perspective, this time on your planet, as disruptive and disturbing as we know it is for many of you, is a true and long-overdue “cleansing,” if you will.

All of you, collectively and individually, are participating in the cleansing process, knowingly or unknowingly.

The end result will be — is already becoming — your growth, your evolution into a higher dimension, a higher vibration.

Just as with a woman giving birth to her child, it’s often a painful process. But the end result is new life, rebirth, joy.

Now is a time for rejoicing, for celebrating.

And so many of you are getting an inkling of what’s coming. This is what Mikala and John were feeling last week. This is what many of you are feeling right now. We realize it often feels uncomfortable, even painful, for you.

But trust the process. All is well. You’re all going to make it. You’re all transitioning into the place your higher selves have always known you were destined for.

Be patient. Be joyful. Be peaceful. Be full of the knowing you are God, and you cannot get it wrong.

There has never been a time in your human history when things have been more “right,” more aligned with God, than they are now.

Trust that. Know it in your gut, in your heart. You’re all on your way back Home.


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