All Is As It Should Be by John Cali

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Two weeks ago I received a letter from a good friend asking Spirit and me if we’d do a newsletter on a specific topic. The topic had to do with a potentially life-threatening personal challenge she’s facing.

Normally I advise people making such requests to get a personal reading with us. But since this particular subject is of broad general interest, we agreed.

John Cali

Here’s her letter, slightly edited.

“Spirit is fond of saying ‘All is as it should be.’ May I request a future newsletter topic please? I have read similar expressions from Spirit before but I would still request any additional clarity that can be provided.

“Everything is as it should be? Yes, in terms of Law of Attraction, all is as it should be. But that is a result of deliberate or unconscious vibration/creation and that inviolate law.

“Yes I do feel some self-blame for my current challenge — I know this material and yet I still didn’t recognize the path I was creating until I was living it (post-manifestation awareness I think Abraham has called it) — too little too late.

“So as I accept responsibility and in trying to mitigate the self-blame and guilt, I am left to conclude and wonder how it’s always for our highest and best good. How?

“This experience wasn’t ‘forced’ on me. I find it hard to believe it was plotted and set into place by non-physical. I just don’t believe it works that way. Nor do I believe that is what you are saying.

“So I have painted myself into a corner. How are these unwanted experiences always for our highest and best good? Joy is the true purpose of life. I have read Spirit saying that and it pleases me to believe it, instead of developing ‘strength of character.’ No pain, no gain; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, etc. etc. You get my point.

“Be it lost finances or health challenges, it’s comforting to think there may be a ‘higher purpose’ to such challenges. But for now, I’m not clear on how that can be true. Any insight/clarity would be greatly appreciated.”

Here’s Spirit.


Our friend agrees with us that all is as it should be. However, she attaches a caveat to that:

“Yes,” she wrote, “in terms of Law of Attraction, all is as it should be. But that is a result of deliberate or unconscious vibration/creation and that inviolate law.”

You all know Law of Attraction works perfectly. As our friend wrote in her letter, it’s “inviolate.” But Law of Attraction is not a separate entity. It is part of the fabric of your being, your higher self. It’s an integral part of who you are, of who God is, of all that is.

Law of Attraction always works perfectly. It cannot not work. Look at it as a tool you can use for good or ill. In other words, Law of Attraction responds always and unerringly to your dominant vibration.

Our friend wonders how her challenge (or any unwanted experience) is for her highest and best good. She knows it wasn’t forced upon her, nor were the “powers that be” plotting against her.

Your higher selves rejoice in all your experiences, whether the human you wants them or not. Your higher selves would rather that you all get out there, immerse yourselves in physical life completely, than to become a hermit, secluded and safe from the world.

All experiences are for your highest and best good if only because the negative experiences help you to know there is a better way available to you — a less painful way to live your lives. As our friend Seth said, “Suffering is not good for the soul unless it teaches you how to not suffer. That is its purpose.”

Also, we must point out a fact many humans are not aware of:

Your higher selves can take any unwanted, negative experience and transform it into a “wanted experience,” if you will.

That transformation may or may not result in something you expected. But it will always be for your highest and best good. And it will always bring you much joy and growth.

As our friend wrote, joy is the true purpose of your lives. If you can feel joy — at least a glimmer of it — even in your negative experiences, you will then set up a more positive vibration, a vibration to create the shift from the unwanted to the wanted.

So much of all we’ve said here today, friends, depends on your level of trust. We realize trust is in itself another challenge in your modern world where fear runs rampant.

To someone immersed in fear, our words can sound hollow and meaningless. The only answer we have for that person is to go within, to that quiet peaceful place in your heart where you are again intimately aligned with your higher self.

One of the best ways to do that, especially when you’re paralyzed with fear, is to simply breathe. Conscious, deliberate breathing is a powerful antidote to fear. And a powerful way to get back in touch with your higher selves.

Your higher selves live in a state of perfect joy. So too will you when you take the time to remember you are your higher selves. There is no separation. You are God. There is no separation. God does not know fear. God knows only love.

God knows all is well.

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