All Is Well by John Cali

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John Cali

These past few months, I’ve had a surge in letters and calls from our readers, friends, family, and others facing serious challenges in their lives.

Spirit is always reminding us the energies on our planet have never been more intense than right now. Hence many of us are undergoing huge changes, like it or not.

Changes in relationships, in physical and emotional health, in spiritual growth, in finances, in careers — you name it, and I’ve heard it here lately.

In my own family, recent events include three diagnoses of so-called “terminal” illnesses and, just three days ago, one death..

All of this has, naturally, given me pause for reflection — and for wondering what it’s all about.

As Spirit said in a recent newsletter, change is the only constant in life. And the changes are accelerating and intensifying along with the energies we’re all feeling.

We cannot avoid any of this. Nor, if we thought about it, would we want to. For we are being catapulted into higher and higher vibrations.

It hurts like hell sometimes. But it’s all good. As A Course in Miracles says, “A happy outcome to all things is sure.”

All is well.


All is well.

It has never been otherwise. It will never be otherwise. Despite appearances. Despite what your human minds and your physical senses “see.” Anything other than well-being is an illusion.

An illusion, we realize, that seems very “real” to you. But, nonetheless, still an illusion.

Illusions are temporary. They exist only in the moment, and then they pass. What is “real” endures eternally.

And so, you might ask, “What, then, is really real, Spirit?”

Love is real. Appreciation is real. Joy is real. Passion is real. Happiness is real. Health is real.

And anything other than what is real is just a passing illusion. Sickness, poverty, “bad” relationships, death, war, and all disharmony and dis-ease among humans. These are all illusions, friends.

Oh, they seem very “real” to you when are experiencing them. But if you take your focus, your attention from them, you will experience a joyous flooding of well-being into your experience. That includes a healthy body, healthy relationships, healthy finances, etc. In short, a steady flow of all you consider desirable and good. All the rest is illusion.

All That Is (Great Spirit, God, Goddess — whatever term you prefer) is willing and able to bring you an abundance of all things you desire. But you have to ask, then get out of the way.

Then you will be overwhelmed with more abundance than you have ever imagined. It’s really that simple. Not always easy or quick to do, depending on where you are in your life. But always simple, and always within your grasp.

Your higher self, your soul loves and adores you. And it wants you (the human “you”) to love and adore yourself as it loves and adores you.

Change is good because all change, no matter how painful it may at first appear, is carrying you into higher and higher vibrations. The illusions — sickness, death, pain, sorrow, grief, and so on — these will pass. They must pass, because they are not real, and cannot endure.

What is real is well-being. What is real is all well-being encompasses, which is an abundance of all good things, all you have ever asked for, all you have ever or will ever want.

It cannot be otherwise because you are all the beloved children of the Universe, of the Great Spirit. You are the Great Spirit. And you are eternal.

All is well.

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