All Roads Lead Home by John Cali

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Spirit raised more than a few eyebrows in last week’s newsletter with these comments:

“As bizarre as it may sound, we believe addictions are a good thing. Because they temporarily take you away from your pain and help you feel good. You will — you must — ultimately come to the point where you know you don’t need anything or anyone outside yourselves to feel good.

“But, in the meanwhile, any light is better than the darkness.”

John Cali

Spirit is not the first to say something like that, but it still provoked some interesting feedback. So we thought we’d elaborate a bit this week.

Here’s Spirit.


Let us start today’s discussion with what you call addictions — and they can be addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, church, friends, family, or whatever or whomever.

Virtually all of you have had, at one time or another in your lives, an addiction or two. We really dislike that term, “addiction.” Because, in your modern society, the way the term is often defined, it makes you a victim. As if you have little or no say in how your life plays out.

Friends, there are no victims. We know — and we can already hear — many of you will object to that statement. “But there are victims, Spirit! The world is full of them!”

We acknowledge, with the greatest compassion and love, you have many folks you’ve labeled “victim.”

And many of those folks believe the labels you have applied to them. And so they become “de facto” victims. At least in their own self images.

The law of attraction, by its very existence, decrees there are no victims. You live in a universe of perfect justice. We know some of you will argue with that. But the law of attraction always — no exceptions — matches whatever your vibration is. And so every experience you have in this lifetime is there because you drew it to you.

You are not disempowered victims. You are powerful creators.

All of you create in your own way and in your own time. You cannot avoid creating your own realities. Sure, you can choose to make no choices. But that, in itself, is a choice.

And so you create everything, everyone in your life. You cannot not create. But you docreate by default or by deliberate choice.

And so, friends, our point here today is this:

You are totally free to choose whatever path you desire in this lifetime. And it really doesn’t matter — to us or to God/Goddess — if that path is, in your view, “good” or “bad.” It doesn’t matter if you call it an addiction or something else.

No matter what path you have chosen (and most of you have chosen many paths in your current incarnations), you will all get back to where you started from. You will all return safely and happily to your higher selves, to your true home. By whatever path your choose.

All roads lead home.

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