April 15, 2004 by John Cali

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John Cali

Last weekend I was reflecting on all the changes in my personal life this past year.

My son had gotten married and then decided to move to Africa for two years. I had moved from the USA’s east coast to the northern Rocky Mountains. Some of my years-long relationships faltered and vanished. Other new relationships sprung up and flourished.

And those were just “the tip of the iceberg.”

I was actually a bit startled at how many changes I’d experienced, how many “rites of passage.” And, indeed, how many dramatic, unexpected passages.

Passages, changes, are an inevitable part of our earthly experiences. No one ever avoids them. We resist them because they herald in a new, uncertain era in our lives.

We humans like predictability, certainty. But that is an impossible dream. Nothing in heaven or on earth is ever totally predictable or certain.

The only predictable certainty is passages.

Here are Spirit’s thoughts.


You have heard it said many times–the only constant in life is change.

Nothing ever remains the same, even from one moment to the next. Your bodies, for example–they are constantly regenerating themselves. They are constantly renewing and re-empowering themselves.

That is why you sometimes experience “miraculous” and sudden healings. Your bodies are constantly changing, and can move from illness to wellness literally in the blink of an eye.

So change is simply a fact of life. And that applies to us here in the dimensions of spirit. We–and that “we” includes your souls who live eternally with us in spirit form–relish change.

Because change means growth. And growth means joy.

Joy is our purpose in these realms. Joy is your soul’s purpose. And when you are in tune with your soul, you are joy-filled. You are growing.

You cannot not grow. You, on the human level, can certainly resist growth. But you cannot avoid it.

It is your resistance to change and growth that causes so many of your challenges in your earthly lives. Let go of the resistance and your problems will vanish. We guarantee it!

Predictability and certainty are truly, as John said, impossible dreams. You do not exist for–your being derives no value from–predictability or certainty.

Growth is the name of the game. The game of life. And games are supposed to be fun.

We know that. Your soul knows that.

So why not join us in the fun? You will anyway, sooner or later.

You cannot avoid the passages. And, ultimately, you cannot avoid the fun and the joy.

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