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John Cali

You’re probably thinking, “What a weird title! Has Cali finally lost his mind?”

Let me explain.

I realize some of you may not know what an autoresponder is. And even those of you who do probably still think the title is weird.

An autoresponder, as you’d guess from the name, is an automatic response service. For example, Spirit and I have an autoresponder where people can get information on personal readings. Autoresponders have email addresses, just like people.

But unlike with most people, if you sent email to an autoresponder, you get an immediate response.

So what does that have to do with anything? Especially with anything we might discuss in this newsletter?

Well, let’s see what Spirit has to say about it.


You live in a vast sea of abundance. An abundance of all things you consider good, and of all things you consider not so good. It’s all there, and you get to choose what you want in your life experience.

So many of you get bogged down, if you will, in the experiences of others, particularly if many others have the same experiences. For example, many of you are having the experience you call cancer. (Or substitute whatever you want here “AIDS, heart attacks, strokes, etc. etc.)

And the folks among you who keep track of such things will tell you, “Well, you better watch your diet because, with your family history, you have an excellent chance of dying from cancer.” They present you with the “statistics” based on the numbers of people who have chosen, deliberately or not, the experience of cancer.

And so what they are basically telling you is because all these other folks have had a certain experience, you also are likely to become a “victim” by virtue of the superficial similarities between you and them.

Never is there any acknowledgment there is freedom of choice involved here. Never is there even any acknowledgment the “odds” are overwhelmingly in your favor. Even by conventional statistical measures, the chances are you will NOT succumb to whatever ails all those other folks.

Nonetheless, in your modern society you are always being cautioned about how easy it is for you to become a victim. Whether it be a victim of dis-ease, war, crime, earthquakes, other natural disasters, etc. etc. You are constantly inundated with dark, fearful visions of disasters of all sorts.

Again, the statistical odds, if you want to see this in simple worldly terms, are overwhelmingly in your favor. Most people do not live catastrophically sad lives. But those who do are the only ones you’ll hear about in your mainstream news media. “Bad” news sells. “Good” news doesn’t.

And so where are we going with all this?

Well, here’s where we’re going: We said at the beginning you live in a vast sea of abundance — an abundance of all things “good” and all things “bad.” And you get to choose what you will create in your experience — the good or the bad, or perhaps some of both.

And it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever what one other, or many others, are choosing for their experiences. You get to choose yours. And you choose by virtue of what you predominately focus on.

Oh, we realize it can be difficult, in your negatively focused modern society, to see the good that surrounds you. But it IS there. There’s far more of what you consider good in your world than there is of what you consider bad.

It’s all a matter of where you spend most of your time and energy — focusing on what you want or focusing on what you don’t want. You can give most of your attention to good health, recognizing that is your body’s natural state. Or you can give most of your attention to the cancer statistics. It’s your choice.

The final point we wish to make here today is this: The Universe responds to you perfectly, every time, in every way. It is responding to you according to where you are spending most of your time and energy — to where your primary vibration is.

Do you spend most of your time and energy thinking about good health or about dis-ease?

Wherever your attention is, that is where the Universe responds to you. And it responds instantly. Focus on dis-ease, and the Universe will bring you more and more evidence and experience of dis-ease. Focus on good health, and the Universe will bring you more and more evidence and experience of good health.

It’s pretty simple. The Universe does not judge you or your intent. It simply responds to your primary vibration.

So let’s say you’re convinced you create your own reality, your own life experience. And you know clearly what you want in your life — you’ve defined it and you’ve made it the focus of your passionate desire.

In that moment of focusing, in that moment of passionate desire, the Universe responds instantly. Every time it responds instantly. No exceptions. What you want is instantly on its way to you.

And so, you might ask, why doesn’t what I want manifest in my experience instantly?

Well, that’s often because you block the manifestation. Let’s use John’s excellent analogy of the autoresponder.

You send a message to an autoresponder. Then as soon as you send it, you turn off your computer. And then you wonder why you never get any responses from autoresponders. The response was instantly on its way to you. But you blocked it — you turned off your computer.

And so it often is with you and the Universe. You ask, you’re answered instantly. And then you turn off your computer and wonder endlessly why you never get what you want.

We will pursue this further another time, for we know there are many questions among you.

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