Being Human, Being Spiritual by John Cali

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John Cali

We had some interesting comments on last week’s newsletter, Pay Attention To What You’re Paying Attention To. For those of you who didn’t see it, Spirit and I talked about a cooking “accident” I had. It was a kitchen fire which could have easily burned my house down.

Most of the comments were, as usual, supportive and positive. Some were not. Which is fine. I’ve always encouraged your honest feedback, positive or negative.

I don’t do this often, but this week I want to talk about the negative feedback.

That feedback could be condensed into a single question:

How could you, the channel for this wonderful spirit guide, have the challenges other humans do? (That is, how could you, of all people, have almost burned your house down?)

Over many years now, in this newsletter and in my private correspondence with many of you, I have never made a secret of my human challenges. Or pretended I was superhuman. In fact, my challenges sometimes provide “fodder” for subjects Spirit wants to talk about. As was the case last week–and this week too.

Nevertheless, some of you have clearly put me up on a pedestal. Being on a pedestal is very uncomfortable. At least for me.

One woman even said she could barely imagine me in the kitchen cooking. Like ordinary mortals, I guess she meant.

Folks, I’m as human as all the rest of you. Still growing and remembering. And I’m as spiritual as all the rest of you. All-powerful and all-wise.

We’re all human and spiritual at the same time. Being human doesn’t make us any less spiritual. And being spiritual doesn’t make us any less human.


You’ll never get your life over and done with–there are no destinations, only endless journeys. You’re always growing, whether in human or spirit form.

And so, in that spirit of adventure, your souls have often decided to project themselves, if you will, into physical form. You’ve all done this many times over the eons, in far more physical lifetimes than you could ever recall from your current human perspective.

You and your soul–or higher self, or whatever term you prefer–are eternally one, eternally bonded. This human personality you now are, and this human body you have now, are simply an extension of that greater you–your soul, your higher self.

You have chosen to experience the excitement, the joy, the challenges of being physical for a while. It’s all supposed to be fun!

Your soul knew that when you incarnated–this time, and all of the many other times you incarnated into a human body.

This human life of yours is a glorious adventure in remembering and exercising your divinity. In remembering and exercising the great creative powers you all possess, as the glorious goddesses and gods you are, albeit in human form for now.

Which brings us to our point here for today.

You did not choose to be human so you could just lay around doing nothing for 50 or 100 years. You chose to be human so you could immerse yourselves in the challenges and contrasts of human life. And so you could have fun and find joy in the process.

Life on earth is a magnificent opportunity for you, as your souls see it, to flex your creative muscles, as it were.

And in doing so, you are adding your energies, your unique creative powers to the expanding Universe. The Universe–and you–are always expanding and growing. Every thought you think, every action you take has a ripple effect. And you thereby touch all that is, even unto the farthest reaches of the Universe.

You are far from powerless. You are powerful far beyond your wildest imaginings and dreams.

And so every experience, every challenge you face in your human lives is a great opportunity for you to grow and remember who you truly are. Even those experiences your human mind considers tragic are opportunities for you grow and remember.

You are human and spiritual at the same time. Being fully human, in every moment of your earthly lives, enables you to be fully spiritual in every moment of your eternal lives.

The two–the human you and the spiritual you–are eternally one. To be fully human does not make you less spiritual. To be fully spiritual does not make you less human.

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